26 March 2008

Welokam to China Holympics!!!

We bish you welokam to china holympics too gero gero eit!

Ayam your tour gai Misiter Loyaks .... below is the place which i m going to bwing you go see ok?

You no unlersten enkulis? No Taking Petin la!

Pick one step! Pick one step!!! Which part of pick one step you no unlersten?!!

Shopping in this shop very honesty wan!

We dunwan to be rude but if you choosed to fall .. pilis slip carefully ok? dun damage public properties!

Err .. this one i really dunno what they trying to say ... lemme check with the beijing municipal council then get back to you ok?

Girls!!! no kick balls can??!!! spare those guys pilis!

The Sea FUCK Goods!!!! OMFG!!! How to FUCKK??!!!

Again .. china is about gracefoolness ... even if you tripped ... pilis fall cafefully ok?

We chainis very honest ... no beating around the Amadika president! (Bush) .... if only for piss means only for piss! kenot shit wan!

FIRE COCK!!! LMAO!!! Beware of the FIRE COCK!!! it will spit FIRE WAN!!!

That concludes today tour of China Holympics too gero gero eit! .... next week I bring you sommo chun stuffs wokeh?!


  1. tiong kok is gonna win alot of medals...cos all those kuai lows..gonna ROFLMAO! when participating...

  2. ouch ! stomach pain ler . . . .

  3. ..thts why i dont believe ppl say china can take over the world..
    unless we all die after eating fuck foods from there la

  4. -.-"

    the jinjang chinese in malaysia mia market english lagi senang faham and tarak error


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