31 January 2009

Fish, Prawn & Crab Traditional Chinese Game

I no need to tell you also u should be able to guessed that i m currently dem blardee busy one rite? why busy? I m exploring a new found traditional ancient chinese game by the name of Yue, Har, Hai (Fish, prawn and crab)

Yue, har, hai traditional ancient chinese game

I dun blem lu if you neber heard of this game .... oni a tru bulu Ahbeng will heard of this game wan and its very teh farking kancheong wan!!!

This game is introduced to me by my Ahlong fwen from Sibu ... apparently this game is more fehmes than mahjong in sibu ... as claimed by him.

Basically the outcome of the game is determined by 3 "dices" but instead of having number 1 to 6 engraved on the surface of the dice .... these dices were engraved with pictures of Crab, prawn, Wu Lou, tiger, cock (male chicken la!) and fish.

Ok i want go continue to piss off the banker 1st ... that fler dem tulan i win his $ ledi ... chase 9 me to go back to the table fast fast!!!!

How izzit play? U bring $ come find me la ... i teech lu wan?! Wuahahahahaha!!!

30 January 2009

Frozen Water

"Freeze the moment and immortalize it" that the actual descriptions of what a photographer should do and thats just exactly what i did .. but instead of human i chosen to freeze water.

Some would choose to a more natural exposure such as taking a stream of shooting water, Im more into what cant be seen by our naked eyes ..... we cant blink at the speed of 1/1250 of a sec, thats why we need the help of a camera that can do just that ....

All these shots were taken around a swimming pool fountain at Selesa Resort PD with SAL55-200mm f3.5-f5.6

Facinating isnt it?

27 January 2009

Chester my Dog a Camwhorer

Ladies n genitalmen ....

This is Chester ... my eldest son. Hes a 7 yrs old Pomeranian+ Shih Tzu breed n blardee notti wan!

The reason i m showing Chester to you is to poof that dog also got camwhorism one .... camwhorism means the habit of camwhoring. What is camwhoring? go google it yourself la!!

I told my broggers fwens about my dog who camwhores but they dunch briff me bcoz they think oni broggers can camwhore wan ... dog kenot camwhore ... u dun briff nvm!!! i show u la!!!

Chester the camwhore dog

This basket once see me hold camera only he will come in front of me n start posing ledi one .... so if u want a supermodel dog kam find me ok! my Eldest Ahbeng son dem hansem wan!

This Ahbeng camwhore dog also love yellow balls one ... so i you are selling yellow balls and no one buys them ... either u give them to me or u hire my son to model for u la!

How he model for you? ok ok i show u! FREE one this time! if u want see more kena pay liow ok?!

Chester jumping for the ball

he must be saying "MCH! you want gimme the ball anot wan now?!"

Its mine ... i m not gonna let u have it ... unless u gimme eat suwet suwet la!

Now u seen the sample piktures edi amajiam? ada satisfy ka? If no satisfy i got anoder camwhore for hire also!

My Little Devil!

What happened when you put 2 camwhores together gether?

U get this .....

Chester : you think i stick my tongue long long lidis hansem anot? Lil Devil : -.-""

Lil Devil : look up at ahpa la! Chester : ok but you plomise will gimme suwet suwet later?

Lil Devil : i think you ears too big la ... u look more hansem with your ears tied to your back lidis Chester : sure anot?! dun bruff me ah!

There .... time is bad so kena cari more part time .... anyone wanna hire camwhores?

p.s. : i think i just made my fwen (who owned a canon dslr) very tulan bcoz that fler buy dskr to take animal pikture wan ... but it turns out my anymal pikture too chun for that fler to overtake! LOL! dun hate me can?

25 January 2009

Direction and Time for Welcoming the God of Fortune in the Year of Ox

WARNING : Religious stuffs that might deem to be offensive for some ppl .... proceed under own risk.

Whole family went to temple this morning to ask for blessing for a bountiful year of Ox, Its already part of the family tradition to visits temple and pray for blessing and health of the entire family.

This year is abit different .. for me at least ... knowing that this year is gonna be a lot tougher ... (bcoz of recession coming n all) this year i actually consulted the sifu about how to "Jip Choy San" thats in canto ... in english it simply means Welcoming the God of Fortune.

The thing is .. we wont know whats coming in the next few months .... if you did it right .. the God of fortune will be looking after you this year ... this might be your chance to shoot up really fast while others is still worrying about recession and inflations etc.

From what Sifu told me ... the direction you need to face to wellcome the God of Fortune into your house is to the EAST, straight EAST ... not Eastwest or northeast ... just EAST.

There is 2 session which is suitable .... The best time to do is between 3am to 4am OR if you are unable to stay up till so late you can do it on 9am - 10am in the morning of January 26 2009. Not a must but better to wear red clothings as red is the symbols of prosperity also.

What is the stuffs that you need to be able to do this ritual?

1. Joss stick urn (if you derno what is a josstick urn then u can forget about the whole thing edi ok?)
2. Candles with bamboo leg (image below)
3. a clean table covered with red papers
4. Mandarin oranges (this one no need expren rite?)
5. Pamelo
6. Fatt Kou (chinese cakes)
7. Candy or jelly beans
8. Choi Sun clothings (clothings for God of Fortune) & others papers offerings - this can be obtained at the store selling chinese praying stuffs prepacked, just asked for "Jip Choy Sun Stuffs" (picture above)

Prepare all the items listed above and setup your table one hour in advance, once its auspicious time start by lighting up the candles followed by joss sticks. Welcome the God of fortune by inviting the god with a wide open door.

If you are sincere enuff ... maybe he'll stop by and bless you and your family with a great year ahead!

Good Luck! Wish me Good Luck too ok?!

Ready to go Home?

Well some of you are already home by now, some do not have a kampung to go home to a nd some will not be able to make it home .... if you cant or not going home this ... Can you just pick up the phone and giver your folks a call instead? They still waiting you know? even tho you told them before this that you are not going home .. but i think they still hoping you changed your mind ... thats for being parents. Really one!

The few mandatory things i will do during CNY ....

1. Pack angpau .... diff colors for diff "denomination"

2. Buy red fawers .... Red is Auspicious color.

3. Buy yellow fawers ... yellow is teh ONG!!!

4. hunt for cheap leftover oranges to give as gifts LOL! (MCH! time is bad ok?)

5. Send Car to serbis .... check tayar, check brakes, check radiator, check alignments just to make sure the car is safe for long distance travelling.

6. Make at least 1 types of CNY goodies ... just to keep the tradition going

7. Take Lil Devil go cut hair

8. Send car for Deep cleaning once a year.

Ok Final COWdown edi! 1 more day left!

To thos who will be travelling long distance ... drive safely ok? buy alot n lotsa livita n put them in the car!

To all Rojaks Fwens n fans i wish lu all this year strong as a cow, dick also big like cow keep cow beh cow bu, Lenglui bei ahbeng cow, lengjai bei Ahlian cow, gamble win cowcow, toto also win cowcow!


23 January 2009

Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm f4 Macro aka Mini Beercan

As an Sony Alpha A200 DSLR user i always browse around the internet to find the best and affordable lens for my camera, knowing the fact that most recent Konica Minolta DLSR cameras also using the same type of A mount that actually opening us up to a vast varieties of lenses to choose from.

At the same time, i been asked by several Sony Alpha owners whether such a lens (some which is as old as 20 years) is still reliable? The answer is both yes and no, it all depends on how the previous owner look after his lenses and if he know what hes doing then these lense can survive alot more than just 20 years.

The key to this is to find a reliable use lens reseller whom will answer most of your questions and also will not hesitate to teach you a thing or two about how to choose lens. I got a few contact of lens reseller in my contact so if you need any lenses just send me an email ok?

With that being said ... I actually bought another lens, as like all my previous used lens this one is also a legendary Minolta lens. Made as early as 1985 this lens survived more than 20 yrs of reputation and still making its marks on today's DSLR.

My Newly arrived Minolta Maxxum 35-70mm f4 Macro

Nicknamed The Mini Beer can, the Minolta Maxxum 35-70mm f4 Macro is originally built for film SLR but due to its great performance ... its still accepted as one of the best performing Minolta lens even on a DSLR.

A thank you note from my fav reseller

My lens seller sent me a note togehter with the lens thanking me for the purchase and telling me how great this lense is! in handwriting! not cold computer printout! How about that?!

49mm Spiralite custom polarizer

Wait ... theres more! Most reseller will just give you a cheap UV filter bundled with the lense you bought but this particular reseller actually given me a 49mm SPIRALITE CUSTOM circular POLARIZER! FOR FREE! Hows is that for value?!

Seriously i still do not know how much would a regular 49mm circular polarizer would cost but today i bought a regular UV filter from a camera shop downtown and they charged me RM60 (approximately USD18) for it. A polarizer would definitely cost alot more than that! So go figure it out :)

I took a few photos of my (yea its mine now! lol!) Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm lens with my Pheonix 100mm macro lens right after i received the package.

Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm front element

Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm front lens descriptions

Compact size for its range for easy storage, compared to the SAL1870 kitlens you get bundled with your Sony Alpha A200

Clean blades with no signs of oil nor fungus

Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm backside Metal A mount

Some technical brief data about the lens obtained from the internet :

Year: 1985
production: Discontinued
max. aperture: 4
min. aperture: 22
focal range: 35 - 70 mm
elements/group: 6/6
angle of view: 63,4 - 34,3
aperture blades: 7
minimum focus distance: 1000 (303 macro switch) mm
filter rotate when focusing: Yes
filter rotate when zooming: No
max. magnification: 1/14.3(1/4)
focus design: front
min. length: 52 mm
max. length: 70 mm
filter diameter: 49, front mm
hood: clip-on, round
weight: 255 g
color: black

Ok lets cut the craps and go straight to the photos quality, after all .. thats exactly why we bought a lens in the first place right? a few minutes after I got the package I am already on the street pushing this Mini Beer Can to the limit ...

So here goes!

Sharpness/ bokeh test , taken at 70mm, ISO400, f4 shutter speed 1/15s

Cloud test ... yes there is such a thing as cloud test bcoz i dem love clouds can?!

There is a known problem with this lens tho ... most of the reviews on the net reveals that this lense is particularly poor in handling flare, therefore ghosting is inevitable, to justify this i gotta take the lense out on a bright sunny day and try my very best to freaking get a ghost in the photos! lol nah i dun mean that ... literally :)

No this not the mechanic test! lol! Taken at 1/400s f4 70mm ISO400 .. no ghost here!

Color test ... this lens loves red!

Potrait test ... passED!

Can see the frozen soap dirpping from the sponge? shutter speed test 1/1250s, f8, 70mm iso400

Very bright day .. i gotta stop down to f8-f9 just to prevent from overexposure but still no sign of ghosting.

Car wash aneh spraying water at me lol!

This Minolta Maxxum AF Zoom 35-70mm f4 lens also boast its macro capability, in todays language this is barely a true macro lens. Its merely doing a closeup with a max magnigifcation of 1:4 as compared to the 1:2 ratio of my Pheonix 100mm macro lens.

But i m not complaining ... with its compact size, light weight and versatile focal length this will make a great walkabout lens as compared to my Pheonix 100mm macro.

Outta curiousity, I put this lense Macro mode to test. There is something quite "out-of-the-norm" for this AF lens. When i switch the lens to macro mode, the AF stop working and i gotta switch to MF. Apparently the lens is designed as such that whenever you activates the macro mode ... the AF feature will be disabled and you will need to focus manually to get your image right. Such a weird feature from an AF lens i must say.

This is the closest i can get to my Sony Ericson G900 which is about 30cm from the phone. Not close enough but pretty sharp image i must say.

soft drink cap at 30cm, great colors!

Evo 6 test! ... i seriously do not know wtf i m testing here lol! but nevertheless ... it turned out pretty great also!

10 sen corp test at 30cm no crop.

Corped and zoomed in ... still pretty sharp in the middle abit soft towards the edge

Verdict : WTF am i thinking?! why the fark i did not buy this lens ealier?!!! ARGH!!! *bang balls*
Cant seems to get ghost ... i think malaysia ghost only come out at night ... thats why! lol
Great piece of lens that performing exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor!

Great Value for money too! I got this one for less than RM300 plus postage ( Approximately USD80 ... dont forget the free polarizer ok?)

The macro? well look at it this way ... if you bought this lense for its macro ability .... too bad, you got screwed! If not ... who da fark cares? its free anyway! better there than none rite? I m not complaining. Plus the fact that if you really got money to burn ... all you need to do is to add in a closeup filter with 4x magnification to turn this baby to a 1:1 macro lens and i heard the results is quite promising too!

To buy or not to buy? Need I say more?

22 January 2009

Lou Sang with MAS

My first lousang of the year!!!

Mehnee dip dip tenkiu to MAS for this nice nice high krass lousang dinner ... if not hor i think this year i will be lousang-less edi!

We lousangED at the Mum's place .... i know what you thinking wan ... no! i m not sending regards to your mum ok? the name of the restorant is called "The Mum's Place" no bruff you wan! You see for yourself la!

Neh ... this is the mum's place i m toking about la

I like this fawer pikture .... leng mou?

Airbus A380 caught on camera

We also get a glimpse of what MAS Airbus A380 would looks like .... altho its a model plane but i m sure the real thing would be similar also ... in ratio lar! not in actual size of coz! U think i stupid meh! I hope they inbite me to go into the thier new Airbus n take pikture when they receive their delivery edi ... phuhh that would be freaking awesome innit? *hint hint*

At first they put this on the middle of the table .... i thot

"WUAH! this restorant really good leh! the first dish is an Aeroplen!!! I wonder what they use to make it look so lively wan!"

Niahma! really Ahbeng lar i tell u! Then i found out its not edible wan ok!!! ARGHHH!!! shhh ... lucky other bloggers dint find out about it!!! dun tell tham ah!

Homemade CNY pineapple tarts for bloggers!

I been eyeing at this pineapple tarts long long edi ... i dem sked they will ask us to buy it instead bcoz i dem pokai that time ... pocket got 80 cents oni sial!!! But they so nice to give it to us for free la!

This is Ms. Wai Fong ... she is THE BOSS of the nite (means she pay the bill one la!)

This Lenglui very nice ... blanja us makan sommo tell us tenkiu bcoz we kam to makan lol! I also tenkiu you for blanja me makan leh!

High krass Lousang ... they use salmon one leh! not use ciplak tilapia fish wan ok!

Broggers lousang-ing!

This one is beef ... but dem 9 chun one ok! Taste like Tung Po Yoke!!! Eat edi wanna eat sommo wan!

Assam pish ... Cheng ah!!! make u sweat kaw kaw wan! lol

Chiew Kap Mou Tik Kari Kai

Neber befoh i got taste so super keng chow mia kari kai as this! Delicious till eat ledi can get wet dlims wan!

There is actually more food wan but i too busy eating la! no time to take piktures! lol

Ok enuff about food jor ... i dunwan make u curse at me for making u hungwy .. now about the peeples!!!

This is fehmes brogger Sultan Muzzafar (i hope i get the spelling rite lol!)

Pweety Anna from FH & hansem KY

Mister Hansem From Agency and Lengluis from MAS

Fehmes Ahbeng brogger Kennysia

Superman Jon from Agency and lenglui

Captain hook, Kenny and John from MAS

Simon Seow and Nicole TALL lengluicamwhoring

KY, HB and Darling Suanie!

Beauty queen Cindy, Ringo, redmummy (front) Simon seow & Thomas (back)

Lenglui pro-photographer from MAS

Group Photo!!!

Doorgifts courtesy of MAS

MAS wish u all Gong Xi Fa Cai! but i get the pineapple tarts la .... YUMMY!!!

Got free makan and free gifts n can rub rub shoulder wih fehmes broggers wei!!! mana mau cari?!!!

Tenkiu lu deep deep MAS!!! if got free makan again pulezz inbite me again yah? I lap MAS deep deep!!!