25 January 2009

Ready to go Home?

Well some of you are already home by now, some do not have a kampung to go home to a nd some will not be able to make it home .... if you cant or not going home this ... Can you just pick up the phone and giver your folks a call instead? They still waiting you know? even tho you told them before this that you are not going home .. but i think they still hoping you changed your mind ... thats for being parents. Really one!

The few mandatory things i will do during CNY ....

1. Pack angpau .... diff colors for diff "denomination"

2. Buy red fawers .... Red is Auspicious color.

3. Buy yellow fawers ... yellow is teh ONG!!!

4. hunt for cheap leftover oranges to give as gifts LOL! (MCH! time is bad ok?)

5. Send Car to serbis .... check tayar, check brakes, check radiator, check alignments just to make sure the car is safe for long distance travelling.

6. Make at least 1 types of CNY goodies ... just to keep the tradition going

7. Take Lil Devil go cut hair

8. Send car for Deep cleaning once a year.

Ok Final COWdown edi! 1 more day left!

To thos who will be travelling long distance ... drive safely ok? buy alot n lotsa livita n put them in the car!

To all Rojaks Fwens n fans i wish lu all this year strong as a cow, dick also big like cow keep cow beh cow bu, Lenglui bei ahbeng cow, lengjai bei Ahlian cow, gamble win cowcow, toto also win cowcow!



  1. Anonymous3:37 am

    I like your number plate! LoL...

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!!

  2. owh! angpows..for me!! i tiau u..i dem 9 free..dun think u can haid..i can go find u! i'm broke, but i've got a full tank of petrol!! KAKKAKAKAKA



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