30 January 2009

Frozen Water

"Freeze the moment and immortalize it" that the actual descriptions of what a photographer should do and thats just exactly what i did .. but instead of human i chosen to freeze water.

Some would choose to a more natural exposure such as taking a stream of shooting water, Im more into what cant be seen by our naked eyes ..... we cant blink at the speed of 1/1250 of a sec, thats why we need the help of a camera that can do just that ....

All these shots were taken around a swimming pool fountain at Selesa Resort PD with SAL55-200mm f3.5-f5.6

Facinating isnt it?


  1. that's a super hi-tech shot

  2. lengggggggg arrrr!

  3. WHO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wah.. not bad wo.. haha.. using the F1.7 ar?

    manual focus or auto? i bet on manual. haha.

  5. cindy : hiya! hows life in lunton girl?! nothing high tech bout these shots ... just the correct setting oni :)

    yikyang : tenkiu lu kung hei fatt choy!

    thomas : nice leh!!!

    buttercup : f5.6 - f9 manual focus ... the water moving too fast to use AF ler


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