11 January 2009

Basic Photography Workshop for Sony Alpha in Malaysia

Once upon a time while i was on the way to a land far away .... i suddenly received a phone call from Ahbert ....

Me : Alo amajiam?
Ahbert : Oi bro, faster kam online and goto Sony Registration Website to register! Got new workshop ledi! Fast!
Me : err ... i m at a place where internet connection is impossible leh...
Ahbert : Ah? then how? Faster leh! almost out of places edi!
Me : Registration when open wan?
Ahbert : 20 minutes ago ...
Me : WTF?! 20 minutes ago and almost full edi?! Then how?
Ahbert : okok lemme think think 1st ... i call u back later.

10 minutes later ....

Ahbert : Alo! Faster call this number and make reservation
Me : Ok ok! tenkiu lu brader!

So today i 7 early 8 early drag my ass out of bed (really blardee rare wan!) pack my camera and lense and stuff them into a blardee small bag and head to this place here ...

SONY Digital Lifestyle Workshop

The venue is at Sony Centre in Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman, basically they turned a whole retail shop into a temporary classroom that can accomodates around 20s participants.

Other Participants trying out Sony DSLR cameras and lenses before the workshop starts.

Basic Photography with Alpha

Meet Mr. John Shum, Sony Chief Trainer

Break time!!! Free course kam with Free Makan!!! Mana mau cari?!

Back to workshop after makan! Mr. John Shum explaining about Aperture & Shutter speed, White Balance,Rule of the third, internal flash control/features, ISO settings, Autofocus mode, Metering mode, D-Range optimizer, Autofocus Area etc etc etc.

Practical time! Time to put what we learnt into Action!

Participants eagerly practising their shots.

More different angle of the Sony Center In Jln. Tuanku Abd Rahman

If you zoom in this photo ... you will see John Shum's hand doing something very very .... VERY VERY KINKY to the model in the picture wan! LOL! John dun angwy ok? pray pray oni! LOL!

Basic Photography Workshop for Sony Alpha in Malaysia

Who Should Attend: for alpha users and aspiring Alpha owners only!

Duration: 5 Hour(s) 0 Minute(s)

Course is valued at : FREE
Makan : FREE TOO!!

I really learnt alot from this workshop .... alot of things about my Sony Alpha A200 that i didnt know about but i discovered it in this workshop, I never really managed to fully realise the potential of my Sony Alpha A200 until now ... little do I know my Sony Alpha A200 altho considered as an entry level dslr but the features of this under estimated DSLR is anything but "Entry Level".

So, if you ask me whether this workshop is worth it or not ... the Answer is YESH! .... You will get to learn about basics in photography. Something you thot you already knew but you dunno what you missing till u attended this workshop!

Altho Sony called it a Basic photography workshop .... you should really know some basic before going to this workshop because i saw some of the participants struggling to even find the correct buttons to press! What else if the trainer is talking about some of the basic jargon in photography. So, fiddle and play with your Alpha DSLR before you attend the workshop ok?

Also pls remember to enroll early early!!! seats will be snatched up within the same day as they announced it.

Sony had increased the numbers of workshop being held in KL in the month of January, BRAVO! but if they could have more workshops to accomodate the growing numbers of new alpha users according to the ratio of new Alpha Dslr owners that would be even better! I seen alotsa Alpha owners whines and swears just because its almost impossible to get a seat to the workshop. This should be something I sincerely hoped Sony Alpha division should look into.

All in all its a wonderful and very veryy informative workshop! Welldone Sony!

*FYI : Sony is the only brand of DSLR cameras that have free workshop for its DSLR users at this given time.


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    FYi, free workskhop, free makan, free models to shoot also sometimes!

    haha.. i can see thing beng very into photography already.. i still remember how you fark 9 sony last time. haha..

    and for other sony alpha user, the seats are gone within the 1st hour of open registration, NORMALLY.

  2. eh......... good.. so now u can teach me..

  3. Long time no visit~ Happy niu year :D


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