20 January 2009

Why Budget Airline Owaz Not On Time?

izzit me or u guys also got same wavelength ar? the 1st time i heard the name Obama ... i thot he is the son of Osama LOL! I noob mah can?!

I dun fly much so i dunch really know whether budget airlines always late anot but this Ahbeng fwen of mine, due to the nature of his job .... he kena fly over teh Sea every week one and he is actually the basket who told me that budget airline owaz late for takeoff one.

3 of us playing mahjong at his house over the weekend la and he told us why he think budget airline owaz not on time one.

Meng : The answer is the kena find new pilot!
Boon : How you know?
Meng : I asked them ... they tell me wan!
Me : huh? how u ask?
Meng : I find one fler who is werking there to ask la!
Boon : then what he say?
Meng : He told me just now the pilot start engine got heard funny sound wor...
Me : Then the kena fix the sound?
Meng : no la ... budget airline mah ... no budget la!
Boon : WTF? then how?
Meng : they kena find a pilot who kenot hear the funny sound la! thats why always delay!

LOL! Char dou!


  1. Anonymous9:03 am

    blardy farnee! lolz! wingz taikor u always made my day cracking up!

  2. Haha the ah beng always makes funny jokes huh


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