21 January 2009

CNY here I kam!!!

You still notchet buy CNY clothes to barn lengleng? Wanna gibe your wife/gfs/mistress Supplies?! NO POBEM!!! goto my fwens pesyen WEBSITE for Sexy Ahlians and get your clothes ship to you la! Free shipping ok! The onwer is call Alex ... u tel him Wingz intro one .. n pless COW the farker to gibe lu diskaun wokeh? if he dun gibe u come tell me ... i print his photo out n ask my lil devil to pee on it!!! LOL!

Update : okok no nid pless edi ... i HOOT 9 that basket n now he agreed to gibe all rojaks fansee 10% discount!!! wuah got discount got free shipping! mana mau cari wei?! Faitit go shopping la!

To qualify for the 10% discount .......................he said "during checkout/payment that time, enter this code "rojaks" to redeem discount" wor!

Klik Here --> prettylicious.com.my

p.s. MCH lu Alex! next time u gimme so many piktures again i fark u no free ah! spoil 9 my post oni!

CNY cookies? checkED!
Cheap CNY Todi? checkED!
Cheap mandarin oren bought? checkED!
Angpau money? checkED!
Kids New Clothes? checkED!
Spring Cleaning done? checkED!
Mahjung tablead? checkED!
Mahjung tiles ready? checkED!
Playing cards bought? checkED!
Rich fwens house address? checkED!
Rojaks Daily CNY Header? CHECKED!!!


Checkout my new header! Got new poem wan!!!

Click on the above image to enlarge or just look at the above header la!

If you no understand the poem (its in canto btw) lemme teech lu la!

Year of Cow, Chai Sen Dao - Year of Cow god of fortune arrive lor
No nid sit home Ngong CowCow - no nid to sit at home like a soha* (idiot)
This year leng lui let u Cow - this year sure can get laid wan!
Gerenti you wont char Taw - this year wish u many many money la! no nid char taw (hold bowl to beg)


You ready anot?


  1. Anonymous4:46 pm

    haha.. thanks for promoting prettylicious eh... u gonna get any lingeries from alex and barn leng leng? anyway tenkiu so much

  2. Anonymous5:30 pm

    wah lau... you everytime post things so fast one. LOL! and you found the pat kam liong like that or you edit one?

    nice edits(if you edit la! LOL!)!

  3. Anonymous9:40 am

    Gong hei fatt choi...
    Ang Pao mali cepat cepat.
    2009 fatt kau kau

  4. like dis la
    baru keng punya banner....

    not like christmas punya banner
    dat wan make me puke!!!!!!
    (I had replace all my computer equipment dat time)


  5. Anonymous10:35 am

    how kam buy in SGD cheaper wan?


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