7 January 2009

Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7 Fixed Focal Prime Lense for Sony Alpha A200

Anoder new toy arrived recently, for a budget conscious photo-taker like me .... if given a choice i would go for used lens for at least its proven mah! Rather to buy a new one and belam gini-pig rite?

Before this i already had 2 lenses for my Sony Alpha A200, which is SAL1870 the all purpose kitlens that kam with the camera and a 100mm Pheonix macro lens. So I m actually short of 2 lense now ... I need a prime lense (something i could carry around with without hurting my back) and a super powderful tele zoom lense (this one will definitely hurt your back) to take the pikture of moon and stars and nekid girls in nude beach from afar! LOL!

As usual plenty of searching and reading before i decided on this newly arrived used prime lens.

Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

All the experts/sifus strongly recomended it ... saying that this is a "must-have" prime lense. Die die also must buy or else will blardee regret wan!

Why? bcoz the pikture taken with this lens is dem 9 sharp, AutoFocus (AF) dem fast, Big Aperture (Wiki) and color dem 9 nice! The Bokeh (Wiki) also blardee best also! (WTF is Bokeh? at first i thot its some kinda kueh to be eaten by those who love to take piktures wan ... eat ledi can take pwetty pwetty piktures LOL! the fact is ... its alot non complicated than that la ... i expren to you when i got time la ok?)

Also this is TEH lense to take indoor piktures without the need for flash! (if you derno yet ... external flash for Sony DSLR is dem 9 expensip! If buy good set .. can be more expensip than buing the camera itself!) so due to budget constrains i habe no choice but to master my indoor p0rnography fohtography without relying on external flash (btw internal flash sucks .... so that dont leave me with lotsa choice also)

In short this is TEH Potraits lens la! What is Potraits? Potraits is taking human mia piktures la! Like i take piktures of your fugly face then that is call potraits lo! Mingpak mou?

Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

Distance scale window of the Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

Blades of Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

The ass of Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7

Acherly this is not a very young lense .... ploduction begin in 1990 .. this lens long long ago alredi no more in ploducktion .. but it survived the test of time and untill today it remains as one of the few favourite entry level low cost prime lense for most Sony Alpha owners.

Not to say the new lens produced in this era kenot match this lens ... but in terms of plice really kenot fight lor! So why buy something that cost 3 times more expensive when you can get the same/better results with Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f1.7 ?

Unless you dem 9 lich and got lotsa $ to burn then its ok la ... buden again ... who kenot take nice piktures with expensip equipments? Its those who can take nice piktures with cheap equipments oni consider powderful geh! (ok la its an excuse i made for myself so i can feel better for being poor can?! :P)

Ok lets cut the craps and lets see some piktures taken with this baby!

See the kaler anot? Leng mou?

Kajang - cheras highway ... aperture open big big ...

Sharpness test ... see ma! no flash!!


Underwater test - what u mean there is no such thing as underwater test for lenses?! I say got means got la! if you dun briff you ask my golfish and see!

Who say AhBengs kenot take nice piktures wan? WHO?!!!


  1. Anonymous8:50 pm

    wah niama.. so fast buy liao. tot that day you say say only!

    how much how much? I wanna buy also le! hopefully boss give me bonus alot so i can buy.

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    bro, external flash for sony not that expensive leh... f42 around rm750 brand new. f58 cobra rm1100. compare to C & N is the cheapest liao... hehe...

  3. loves the way u review the item.. nice job.. wish i can buy this lense.


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