2 January 2009

Wingz Junior First Day at School

Happy Cow (Niu) Year to all AhBengs & Ahlians!

This year mark an important event in my life as my Little Devil goto Primary skool for ther 1st time.

This morning we sll very kancheong and wekap erly erly! I even got time to make quick Aglio Olio spaghetti as blekfas for the little one before he embark for his 1st step journey into proper education .... i just hope this fler dun start to kau lui first lol!

Looking ast my little Ahbeng i couldnt help but think how much he grown up ledi .... pretty soon he will fark me no free jor! (just like we do last time la!) so better enjoy this while i can lol!

Any other Ahbeng's kid also goto primary 1 today? Kancheong anot jek ?


  1. hahaha..little ah beng wor..hahaha!gratz bro!

  2. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Lol! That kid pencil box got transformer 1! How I wish I can go back to standard 1. Everyday just play, dont have to worry so much.
    Congratz! Hope that your kid can get straight A's lar.

  3. Anonymous6:03 pm

    My little ah lian today first day also!

  4. wah! at least ur boi boi big liao lar . . . mine only 23 months . . .long more way to go but already guai lan like papa . . . .lolz

  5. Happy New Year to U and ur family..Hope to see more jokes coming ur way...

  6. wei!
    cow year still 3 week ahead lar....

    you drunk ledi kar?

  7. Anonymous3:51 pm

    hahaha.. congratulations wo.. reminds me of my first day.. my parents dump me there and just go away. LOL!

    I can feel your happiness as a father le. haha!

  8. my little ah beng's first day would be 10 yrs from today :P congrats~

  9. Anonymous9:41 am

    Eh! got give him some porns to go show off to his school mates or not? That way, he terus can be supah famous leh.

    Will guarantee make you ploud.

    So nice get to see your son's first day of school. Terus show all the potential bully he's not someone to mess around with.


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