25 January 2009

Direction and Time for Welcoming the God of Fortune in the Year of Ox

WARNING : Religious stuffs that might deem to be offensive for some ppl .... proceed under own risk.

Whole family went to temple this morning to ask for blessing for a bountiful year of Ox, Its already part of the family tradition to visits temple and pray for blessing and health of the entire family.

This year is abit different .. for me at least ... knowing that this year is gonna be a lot tougher ... (bcoz of recession coming n all) this year i actually consulted the sifu about how to "Jip Choy San" thats in canto ... in english it simply means Welcoming the God of Fortune.

The thing is .. we wont know whats coming in the next few months .... if you did it right .. the God of fortune will be looking after you this year ... this might be your chance to shoot up really fast while others is still worrying about recession and inflations etc.

From what Sifu told me ... the direction you need to face to wellcome the God of Fortune into your house is to the EAST, straight EAST ... not Eastwest or northeast ... just EAST.

There is 2 session which is suitable .... The best time to do is between 3am to 4am OR if you are unable to stay up till so late you can do it on 9am - 10am in the morning of January 26 2009. Not a must but better to wear red clothings as red is the symbols of prosperity also.

What is the stuffs that you need to be able to do this ritual?

1. Joss stick urn (if you derno what is a josstick urn then u can forget about the whole thing edi ok?)
2. Candles with bamboo leg (image below)
3. a clean table covered with red papers
4. Mandarin oranges (this one no need expren rite?)
5. Pamelo
6. Fatt Kou (chinese cakes)
7. Candy or jelly beans
8. Choi Sun clothings (clothings for God of Fortune) & others papers offerings - this can be obtained at the store selling chinese praying stuffs prepacked, just asked for "Jip Choy Sun Stuffs" (picture above)

Prepare all the items listed above and setup your table one hour in advance, once its auspicious time start by lighting up the candles followed by joss sticks. Welcome the God of fortune by inviting the god with a wide open door.

If you are sincere enuff ... maybe he'll stop by and bless you and your family with a great year ahead!

Good Luck! Wish me Good Luck too ok?!

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