14 January 2009

Dell is charging for Downgrade?

We hear everywhere ppl cutting budget and saving $ getting ready for the impact of the imcoming recession .. being said that ... yesday a freaking unfortunate event happened to me la! my 4 yrs old laptop die on me!!!

I m now using my super mini MSI Wind as backup but i know i still need to look for a more suitable laptop bcoz this super small MSI Wind is only good if i m travelling ... for day to day use ... it not so advisable one geh .. lack of perfromance and speed ma.

Personally i like Dell because they got superb sapot. I changed my keyboard twice for free and once its my hdd ... so sapot would be the only reason i will go back to Dell .. quality of the products? well that one really one grey area la ... it wont break in the 1st place if its really a great quality product rite? but then again .... its all made in china! what u expect? lol!

So i went to dell website just now shopping for a new laptop te replace my dead one ... i wanted a laptop with Win XP bcoz Vista sucks ... it crashes alot and you need freaking 4GB ram!!! 4 farking GBs!!!! WTF man?! Time is bad so gotta spend smart .... XP can run dem smooth with only 1GB .. so i m better off with 1GB rite? 1GB should be cheaper rite?

WRONG! I found out that the price indicated in the dell website is inclusive of window vista home edition ledi .... and after talking to someone from dell live chat sapot ... he recomend that i do a downgrade to XP since i wanted XP as os.

The word downgrade I LIKE AH! DOWNGRADE means cheaper!!! where u got heard ppl paying more to downgrade one rite? If you downgrade your MAS business class flight to economy class then u kena pay lesser mah rite anot?

WRONG again! Dell charge you more when u downgrade from Vista Home Edition to Win XP! No shit ... i no bruff you wan! ... u see for yourself the screenshot i took from their website. [LINK]

Click to enlarge image

So ... this is the deal ... if i m to buy this laptop from Dell with Window XP Professional I have to pay RM327.00 extra and on top of that i wont be getting the Vista lisen ... i only be getting an XP lisen oni ... like u buy car lidat la ... u trade in your old car n top up money to get a new one la ... but in case ... its abit teruk than that ... u trade in your new car (Vista) then u getting an old car (XP) and you kena pay extra money for it! LOL!!! WTF wei! Lidis double rugi la!

You see hor ... XP is RM327.00 extra .. then i trade in my Vista maybe can get RM200 guah? all in all i am paying RM527.00 TO DOWNGRADE?!!! OUMAIKOT!!!! Can justify anot?!!! You think they think we dunno how to count one or what ar?

I just bought a MSI Wind umpc a few month ago ... for RM1,799 i get a fairly good (in term of speed n performance), very mobile laptop that comes with Win XP ... i think i might as well stick to this la!! Recession kambing mah!!! I dunwan to pay RM527.00 to downgrade leh! How?



  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    alternative choice is to pickup Ubuntu linux, its free forever!

  2. Yeah, why still pay so much to downgrade... never even thnk?

  3. Uncle Ho private DVD shop. :P

  4. Oh XP is expensive because there's no more supply, so price naturally goes up :P

  5. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Nay, like the Vitagen drink. LESS SUGAR but cost more. Already put in less sugar but cost more. WTF!!! TIU!!!

  6. Thats option come with Windows XP pre-installed and 1 additional Windows Vista CD.

    My company just ordered the same notebook as yours.

  7. u need a TOSHIBA A600 ok!!

  8. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Why not get a N-series Dell XPS with Ubuntu pre-installed, then install XP yourself? If you get the N-series, the OS installed is free... so you don't have to pay for it, and you can change it to XP yourself if you want to (but try the ubuntu first, you may like it!)

    Only thing is... I got N-series in the UK... Not sure if its available in Malaysia

  9. Anonymous7:18 pm

    XP PRO leh..more expensive than Vista Home...

  10. Jz wanna let u know... Windows XP is old... 100% stable... unlike Windows Vista... with the lower price, microsoft is trying to promote it's Windows Vista rather than subsidising for Windows XP... =) hope u understand what i am saying here... =)

  11. Anonymous1:08 am


    The default one is Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Basic la. Home Basic means BASIC, no TV, no bed, no furniture and etc.

    But XP Professional, is different - comes with everything. Means you got professional decorates everything for you. So more expensive lor.

    (Above statement is Ah beng's explanation)

    Hey bro, it's way different between Home Basic and Professional version. Try google it, and you will be surprised what you cant do with Home Basic compare with Professional/Premium version

  12. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Now you know why Bill Gates so rich lar...


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