7 January 2009

One Bullet

Met up with along lost childhood fwen last weekend ... he went MIA about 15 yrs ago and recently resurface back in KL. Apparently hes back to celebrate CNY with his folks one .... so nice of him to call up my parents asking for my number and dig me out for yum char and catching up about what happening in our life n all.

He is a pilem dilekter making movis now in Thailand, actually thats where he dissapeared to 15 yrs ago.... learning how to make movies in Thaicock. (no nid ask ... i asked him ledi .. he also got made p0rn b4 when he ngam ngam started but now he fehmes edi no more dilek p0rn film jor ... so he no more lobang for me).

Anyway i also found out that this AhBeng also dem 9 love firearms .... to make me jeles this farker actually got his own collection of firearms at home in his safe room! MCH! he got one farking saferoom to keep his guns n rifles in!!! A WHOLE FREAKING ROOM OK? now a drawer! A ROOM FILLED WITH GUNS!!!" on the other hand ... i only got one drawers filled with toy guns oni ....

Anyway there is one particular story thats freaking funny one and i wish to share with u all (befoh i forgets) he was telling me how susah he save $ to buy his 1st targetting gun scope for his 1st 2nd hand sniper rifle back then ... this is part of the conver la ...

Beng : After saving long long i finally managed to save enuff for my dream sniper scope ... u know lar ... 10 yrs ago my pay dem puny ... so kena save long long lo ...
Me : eh very easy to get gun in thaicock one izzit?
Beng : If you know your way around la ... plenty of illegal one also ... but i try my best to stick to those legal one la
Me : Ok ok back to the story ... whats so funny about buying a sniper scope?
Beng : The thing is i been dreaming about the scope i m gonna buy for months edi and on and off i got go to this shop to ask and look at the scope so the shop owner kinda knew i dem want this scope la
Me : then he slaughter u kaw kaw izzit?
Beng : no no .. diu! i notchet pinis la ... u want listen anot wan?
Me : haha ok ok soli soli ...
Beng : Then that day i bring my money to the shop and like usual i asked the Shop Fler to show me the lense to test it out lo ... i also got ask him whether got discount anot and can i test it out anot?
Me : then then?
Beng : i think that day i dem lucky la ... normally he dun lemme hold the scope wan .. but that day he so nice ... he goan mount the scope to a very expensive sniper and lemme test aim sommo! he then show me where his houz is and tell me that this is a nice scope and can see his house up the hill from the shop with the scope.
Me : Then?
Beng : So i mai use the scope to look at his house la .... then i asked him lidis

Beng : Boss your house roof is blue kaler one rite?
Shop Fler : yea ... can see anot?
Beng : Boss you sure this one your house ar?
Shop Fler : Why?
Beng : I saw 2 fler running around naked in the house leh ... one male one female ...
Shop Fler : WTF?!@%$^! LEMME SEE!!
Beng : then he grabbed the sniper from me and use the scope to see for himself ... after about 10 seconds he say lidis :

Shop Fler : #%^%^@!!! Thats my wife and my driver!!! MCB them!!!
Beng : Wah lan eh ....
Beng : Then he reached into his drawer and handed me 2 super accurate spesel made bullets

Shop Fler : ok i make u a deal .... i give u this sniper and the scope for free if you shoot my wife head and shoot the guys kukuciao.
Beng : Sure anot?!
Shop Fler : SURE! You wanna do it anot? if not i do it myself!
Beng : wait ... lemme look at the targets again ....
Beng : So i looked into the scope searching for both targets wanting to see whats the odd of hitting the head and the kukuciao with 2 shots .... then i turned back to the shop owner and said ...

Beng : Boss ... u can keep the extra bullet ... i think i can shoot both target with just one bullet oni

*You dun gedit? i dun blem u .... i dun gedit too at first! keep trying ok?!


  1. the shop fler wife giving the driver a blow job.....so can tembak kepala and kukujiao...correct mou? so ur fren shoot mou?


  3. such a long time i din cum in and stilll as farnee....

  4. Ha ha ha ha! After only 28 seconds I realised the joke!. They must be sitting on the window.......

  5. all the hamsap lou out there first thought sudah tau lah . ahhahaha.


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