31 January 2009

Fish, Prawn & Crab Traditional Chinese Game

I no need to tell you also u should be able to guessed that i m currently dem blardee busy one rite? why busy? I m exploring a new found traditional ancient chinese game by the name of Yue, Har, Hai (Fish, prawn and crab)

Yue, har, hai traditional ancient chinese game

I dun blem lu if you neber heard of this game .... oni a tru bulu Ahbeng will heard of this game wan and its very teh farking kancheong wan!!!

This game is introduced to me by my Ahlong fwen from Sibu ... apparently this game is more fehmes than mahjong in sibu ... as claimed by him.

Basically the outcome of the game is determined by 3 "dices" but instead of having number 1 to 6 engraved on the surface of the dice .... these dices were engraved with pictures of Crab, prawn, Wu Lou, tiger, cock (male chicken la!) and fish.

Ok i want go continue to piss off the banker 1st ... that fler dem tulan i win his $ ledi ... chase 9 me to go back to the table fast fast!!!!

How izzit play? U bring $ come find me la ... i teech lu wan?! Wuahahahahaha!!!


  1. u can really lose loads in this game FAST

  2. it called rooster.....
    not cockca... er..... cock.

  3. Anonymous3:45 am

    Lol... gamble style that usually appears in TVB drama.

  4. foodcrazee : if u dun bet big then wont lose big also la ... but u wont win big either lol

    pisang : cock is such a frenlier word la

  5. this game is call holo jim (hokkien for 'the bottle thingy' n crab) in kuching!

    really fehmes oso here!

  6. nyeahahhahahahahhahhahahha

    some farker who explained to us how to play it made it sound so damn fishy till no one wana play!!

  7. Anonymous12:47 pm

    can buy in singapore?


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