1 February 2009

CNY @ Selesa Beach Resort PD - The Sceneries

When i first step into this place i told myself "this place is awfully familiar .... i been here before!" .... i m correct! I was here during the CNY in 2006! So fast 3 yrs down the drain edi but this place dint change much tho .... apart from the hotel is getting really really old, their taps dont work as well anymore, their aircond control is screwed, the springs in their bed really need to be replaced and their staffs need to smile more .. other than that .. nothing is wrong lol!

This time is abit diff bcoz Lil Devil grow up edi and I m armed with a Sony Alpha A200!!!

Selesa beach resort PD

The minangkabau style roof

my room number dem ong!

what?! no massage center?!

view from the pool

orchid @ the beach

one less crab in the ocean

fly kite


plane leaving a trail

jetski cost twice as much as 3 years ago

sunsets @ PD

sunsets @ PD

sunsets @ PD

sunsets @ PD

sunsets @ PD

vase on display

spiral lights on coconut tree

imaginary fireworks display lol

Why always PD? What is the other nearest beaches from KL? i need more places to go to ledi!

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  1. Anonymous7:58 pm

    LMAO to "one less crab in the ocean"

    and i like your sunset picture le. hahaha..


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