7 February 2009

Updates on Lil Devil's Condition

A million thanks to those who left comments and send me emails showing their concern and giving valuable advice on my lil boy conditions, Thank you very very much!

I went to his primary school yesterday morning with my wife to meet the headmistress of the school to have some of our questions answered.

I first met with the penonlong kanan of the school which attended to our case before conveying the case to the headmistress. Apparently the headmistress is on leave the day before and did not know about this case (thats what she told us) the teacher who knew such an event were called up to the headmistress office to further clarify the matter.

These were my questions to the headmistress and Her (their) reply is in bracket) :

  1. Why are we not informed of the incident right after it happened?(according to the teacher whom discovered this incident her reply was "Yes i m aware of this incident, i checked his eyes and they seems to be fine and your son himself tell me he want to continue to study, i then separate them and let him rest. I never realized that this is so serious and i am very sorry i did not call you, I admit its my mistakes and i apologize. I should had called you the instant this incident happened" Me - Cornea injury is not something you can see with naked eyes, furthermore you are not qualify to judge whether his condition is serious or not, not unless you have previous training in the medical field. This time your judgement is wrong and because of this a boy could had lost his eyesight permanently just because of your wrong judgment. )
  2. Why no one from the school bother to send my boy to the clinic for checkup immediately? (the headmistress replied "I m not around yesterday when this incident happened and i did not know about this mishap until you come to see me just now. I would have fetched him to the nearest clinic if i am around no matter how small is the injury. Sometime this is the problem you see, I given to all teachers specific instructions that they should inform me of any irregular incidents such as this so i could do something but most of the time they just do not tell me about this kind of things. I truly sorry about this incident, its the responsibilities of the school to inform the parents of such incidents and we did not managed to do that, I accept full responsibilities on this matter.)
  3. Is this boy (the attacker) normal? Any history of pass violence? (Teacher : before this, there is another incident of this boy bitten another classmate of him because the other boy refuse to give him something also, but that was only a small bite. Most of the time this boy is very quiet and seems harmless.)
  4. Who will bear my kid medical expenses? and follow up treatment cost? I remembered paying a few Ringgit for insurance during the first day i sent my kid to school, is that it? (headmistress : that insurance only covers hospitalization, since there is no hospitalisation then it is not covered by the insurance. We will call for a meeting about this issue and maybe the school can do something about the medical cost that you incurred.)
  5. How to prevent this from happening again, not only to my kid but also to other kids? (Teacher : that kid seems so harmless and quiet i doubt this is intentional. Me : you just said this is not the first time? Again, your judgment seems to be wrong in this matter. When would you consider him as violent? After another additional mishap? I hope the school will monitor this kid closely before someone gets hurt again. Headmistress : Yes we will)
  6. Does the kid (the attacker) parents knows about this? Anyone informed them? (Teacher : I only scolded and punished the kid, i am not sure whether he told his parents or not about this. )
  7. I want to meet the kid's parents (the attacker) to dicuss about compensation and his kid's behavior and i hope the school's administrative will arrange for it. (Headmistress : We will arrange for it and we will contact you once we got hold of his parents.)
That was yesterday .... This morning we went to the hospital Ophthalmologist clinic for further checkup. The doc need to make sure that the cornea's healing progress is normal and there is no clouding on the cornea. At this point of time (2 days since the incident) Lil Devil still refused to open both of his eyes most of the time.

Lil Devil still refused to open his eye

Lil Devil resting while waiting for the doc to check in early in the morning.

Doc doing a scan on his cornea and told us the cornea is 95% healed, no clouding and the bandage can be removed. Cornea thickness is not back to normal yet, we will have to give him eyedrops for the rest of the month to make sure the cornea growth back to its previous thickness. We should go for another checkup next week just to make sure everything is ok.

Tough with bandage removed, Lil Devil still being traumatic and refused to open his eyes.

After some persuasion at last he opened his eyes and looked at the camera, can see from this photo that his right eye is still red and abit swollen.

The rest of the day we have to lure him with cartoons to make him open his eyes, hes more willing to open his eyes toward the end of the day and hes asleep now. Will update more on this issue once i meet the parents of Lil Devil classmate.

Thank you for all your prayers and concern!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Small small oledi act like samseng oledi.......

    *shake head*

    If my BiL ........
    find that kid parents lor.....

  2. so Lil Devil now? Ok boh?

    and what did the headmistress answer for all your questions?

    Does the other kid's parents know ah? :?

  3. pisang : yea .. thanks to violent katun like happytreefwens n others la

    Stan Lim : Thank you, hes making great progress.

    Electronic jiejie : soli just now i ter-post the draft .. now only finish typing jek. Hes recovering fast! tenkiu to all your prayers!!! I lap u all dip dip!!!

  4. should get to the bottom of it bro...

  5. good to hear that the school is taking responsibility at least, but they really should inform the boy's parents. Sometimes such bahaviour is a clue to something else eg certain disorders (bah my Psychology knowledge is failing me).

    Lil Devil, get completely well really soon!

  6. yea!getting well soon eh...slowly open his eyes...if it was me..i oso traumatic!scary!

  7. i do hope that the school will really take physical actions and not cakap cakap only... not sure why, but when i see your kid in the photo with his eyes close, there's a slight pang of pain in my heart...dunno whether i'm over-reacting or not, maybe its because he's like so young and yet have to endure this kinda ruthless bullying...

    hope that your boy would turn back to his normal self asap...

  8. Anonymous9:51 am

    Ah.... glad Lil Devil eye recovering. Give him a hug for me.

    Lil Devil need to recover from the bad experience too.

    As for the school, the other kid and his parents, should be deal sternly.

  9. Anonymous9:53 am

    Glad to hear that he is alright! =)

  10. Anonymous11:15 am

    Why you wanna lure him to open his eyes?

  11. Anonymous12:13 pm

    First off, the school admission of liability is good, the other kid's parents should be taken to task. Obviously they have not done enough teaching their own kid.

    However, the real focus here is on little devil i.e. The healing of his eye is more important than everything else. You may wanna consider psychiatric counselling for the trauma?

  12. Anonymous12:24 pm

    omg, sori to hear this....

    wtf is with kids nowadays???

    i hope ur kid is recouperating well...

  13. THanks for the updates
    Glad to see he is getting better.

    Felt better now.

  14. Wah liao! Hope he is ok and recovering. Six Million Dollar Man technology is still too far away.

    I am now scared since my small one is also a bit violent to the big one too.

    Based on the conversation you had with the Headmistress, seemed like she Tai-chi a lot. Since the Law does not allow "An Eye for an Eye" or "Sentence to Death by Hanging" anymore, they only action would be Legal.

  15. As my personal opinion, I think the school should be blame.

    In the first place, how could not they notify the parents?
    Are we suppose to believe that our country are training this kind of teachers for primary school.

    Yes, they might not be kindergarden children but even accidents happens in secondary school!

    The Headmaster/Headmistress is not around? So he/she is not responsible is it?

    WTF man! I might not have any children, but if this is what we want to believe how our country education system is....

    I am speechless!

    I hope your soon recovered fully soon..

  16. Anonymous12:35 am

    good to hear that your kid is recovering now.

    another fine example of irresponsible school. there are just so many of them.

  17. Anonymous1:26 pm

    hmm, i dun have a blog, but still would like to comment a lil, can r?

    Does the doctor recommend to encourage lil devil to open his eyes more or keep it closed more?

    Because from my understanding, our eyes work in pairs in opening and closing, so if one is hurt,and prefer to be closed, the other would also help and be closed together. Once the eyes are closed, lil devil feel at more comfort , his eye is at rest and thus heals better and faster.

    wish he get well soon and regain his devilness (bet he is one cheerful kid)


  18. speedy recovery for wingz junior. :)

  19. Anonymous8:50 pm

    remember to ask the kid whether he play kuwakchai or gta game onot. if yes, then we know whats the problem

  20. Anonymous1:45 am

    hope all is fine with your lil Devil. get well soon!

  21. wtf that kid attacker is siao wan lor!!!!

  22. I truly believe a 7 yrs old kid are innocent. The parent and the school should be blamed for the mishap.

    The parent should be blamed and accountable for the mishap while the teacher in charge should be blamed for lack of judgemental decision carry out teaching as a profession.

  23. Anonymous2:51 pm

    hope your baby boy is alrite now. myheart goes to him when i read the post. should make sure the school contact that samseng's parent as i doubt the school will take any further action once your little boy is healthy and back to school. thats the way the usually do work. no head no tail. summor its the 2nd time the samsend hurt ppl. who noes wat he will do again next time if his parents didnt teach him.

    hugzzz to lil devil...muaksss

  24. 2.
    If you were around for the whole week or month, then does it mean everything should be left hanging/pending?
    There are tings that can wait and there are also something likewise you mentioned, irregular incidents should notify you. I believe that you do have a mobile phone, don't you?

    Again, I would like to stress that it is not you to judge whether the boy is harmless or not. If there is the past actions such as these, why don't you send the boy for counselling? It will help him in longer run.

    You are again judging from your own personal point of view. Can we have the expert around here?

    Do you know that scolding and punishing the kid will not only hurt him in longer run? First of all, you do not know why he does the violence act at all. You do not even bother to find out. Why everytime when things does not go his way, he resorted to harmful act. This is an alarming situation you need to react on. Mental issues are at stake here.

    When? Give me a deadline.

  25. So good to hear he is ok now..But the last photo of him open his eyes makes me laugh.he look so "cute".

  26. Anonymous3:39 am

    I just want to comment that while you pointing finger here and there and blame others for this incident , did you ever think that you also should be blamed.

    Dont blane kids, being 7 yeasrold they know nothig. you should have teach ur son to get along with his class mates. if you did so, your son will just give up his pencil and he will not injured.. and he can later complain to teachers or to you. it doesnt matter if his friends is the one did wrong to ur son. This friends bite people b4, so ur son shoul have know it and dont mess with him.

  27. Anonymous3:35 am

    you want him to ask his son to give up his pencil? first pencil, then what else to give up? fucking no logic sohai.


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