24 February 2009

Why I missing?

To those who lap photography wan ... now my brader kidchan got kasi spesel discount for thos who wanna attend his 2 day workshop, early bird promotion! Fast fast go HERE register la!!!


my boss sent me to dip dip jungle to jaga his Tongkat Ali Plantation and i stuck in jungle with no internet access and telephone for daysssssss!!!! I nearly die-ED!!!! My best fwens were monkeys gathered around to listen to my jokes every lunch break and worst of all there is no chicks!!! Definitely no chicks in the jungle wan!!! (fugly indon women not considered as chicks ok?)

I was on the verge of setting up the biggest bushfire in Malaysia history when my boss suddenly tell me its ok to go back to the opis now and he hired a new manager to jaga the Tongkat ali Plantation ledi!!! TenGOD!!!!

I got so much to tell you guys ... but first lemme hug n kiss my aircond FIRST!!! AIRCOND is the world greatest creation EVERRR!!!

Oh .. and btw ... i think i m qualify to change name ledi ... from now all u all can call me Muthusamy jor ... yea i m that freaking "TAN" ledi!!! MCH!!!!!


  1. so everi dayz you eat tongkat ali la bro?

    wah... lao eh.........

    you lucky la bro.....


  2. You so damn lucky leh. Got free Tongkat Ali to eat u lagi 'ngam ngam chum chum'. Why change name to Muthusamy leh? Btw, how is ur son jor?

  3. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Hows your son?
    Hope he was alright.


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