2 February 2009

CNY @ Selesa Beach Resort PD - The Peeples

I think my Little Devil is ready liow ... u see he take off his vest also dem yau yeng wan!! Thanks to all the camwhore training provided by me!!! Who want hire little supah model? kam find me!

Got james bond style leh!!!

This big bully kena cought throwing water at lil boi

Fader & Doter

Look ma! i got shadow!

makan time!

Cute lil plincess eating kropok

Sandwich monster!

this fork is yummy!!!

anoder fler with big ass cam!!!

Can you feel the bond in this pikture?

Little Ahbeng running away from home LOL!

A first i thot i would sucks at potrait buden again ... i think its no pobme for me edi .... any lenglui wanna do profile shots? i give lu FREE wan ok! I sommo ask 10 others alpha owners to join me .... make u like suparsetar lidat flash flash ur eyes till u go blind wan?!


  1. nice shots...a pity i'm not in m'sia if not sure will give u my contact number. love the shot where u capture the silent motion of the water splashing up

  2. Anonymous7:05 pm

    if not lenglui you take or not?

  3. cindy : later u kambek that time also can lemme know geh! spesel offer for u long long lol

    jerine : not lenglui? with me behind the camera ... there is no such thing as not lenglui ok! kakakakaka

  4. wah your son.. damn big dy .. summore got muscle ge wo... u make him carry u everyday ah?

    nice shots anyway..

  5. haha...really ah??thanks thanks...then when i come back i will find you...by that time give me your contact number....k?


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