14 February 2009

Valentino The Hamster

One of our hamster Hishi kiokED ledi last week prolly due to some kinda disease ... so for the past few days our Hersher (the female hamster) dem blardee lonely la!

Then sommo today is Valentine day mah! how can let the poor girl so lonely rite? So whole family went out to pick a little hansem guy to be his other half la!!!

Since today is Valentine's day we decided to name him Valentino!

Say hello to the little hansem Valentino

This little hansem barger is metrosexual! why? bcoz he got eyeshadow wan!!! can see anot?!

Valentino transformed into his furball mode.

Hersher and Valentino first contact

Hersher move close to him and start smelling him ... dam this fler sure got use colonge one la! The rest of the post will be in conversation mode ...

Hersher : Sniff sniff ....
Valentino : oi ... who lu? suddenly kamout from no where sked 9 me!

Hersher : I shud ask u who lu la! Why you kam my house no tell me?!
Valentino : Your house? I where got kam your house? I myself also derno how the hell i end up here man! You kidnap me wan izzit?!
Hersher : Wah lan eh! U invade my house sommo say i kidnap lu!!!! U think i girl u can bully izzit?! I show you my kaler!!!

Valentino : oi oi dun kam near ok? i dont beat Ahlian wan!
Hersher : Dis is my house! i can go wherever i want!!! I will weck 9 lu for invading my house!

Valentino :: I warn u ah!!! I know kungfu wan ahhh!!!! Dun kam near!!!
Hersher : WARN ME??!!! you invade my house sommo dare to WARN ME?!!!! You bored of living ledi!!!!

Valentino : LAST WARNINGGG!!! Take your stinko feet off my six packs!!!!
Hersher : You invade my house ... harassed me and now you call my feet stinko??!!!!! I KEEL YOU!!!!

Hersher : WACHAAAA!!!!!!
Valentino : KACAATTTTT!!!!

*Wood shreads flying everywhere in the cage as the 2 kungfu masters battle each other to determine who is the taikor/taikarche .... the fight bekam more n more intense and i kena step in to stop them from fighting ... lucky they dun dare to bite my fingers*

Den i pull Valentino aside n lecture him kaw kaw ....

Me : Oi ... u want die izzit?
Valentino : ah what? *give innocent cute look*
Me : I bring you home to lum the chick ... not fight with her understand?
Valentino : Shes my chick?!! OMFGGG!!! why u erly erly no tell me!
Me : Elo .. u got see anyone else in the cage besides her?
Valentino : Erm ...
Me : I warn 9 u ... if i catch u fighting with her again ... i m gonna give u away as cat feed to my neighbour u understand?!!
Valentino : but boss ... she dem 9 firece one worrrrr!!!
Me : u dun say i komunis no give u choice ok ... u can choose between her and the cats ....
Valentino : *GULP* soli boss ... i plomise no more fighting with her wan ...
Me : ok ... now goan apologise to her!

Few minutes later i kambek to check on this 2 flers .... i found this lazy barger Valentino sleeping edi ...

Niahma! hansem boy la konon!!! You see la! this lazy barger sleep till dem 9 yong sui wan!

Who got hungry cats to feed?!!!! faster kontek me!!!


  1. seeefu!so cute la dem!

  2. i really can't stop laughing...omg... i really love how you integrate ah bengness and hokien into english..but really, its so funny... and the hamsters are so so so cute... furry face with round small body...

    Lum the chic.. :P

  4. wei!.....
    that thin-lou....
    velentino wans farks,,,
    old chicks meh?


  5. ur hamsters call u boss!?!?!?!??! so bad!


  6. Anonymous12:06 am

    very lovely and cute Valentino.

  7. can mix different breed together meh! they'l eat each other out pretty soon mang! wingz u sick murderer!

  8. Anonymous9:26 pm

    you can't put male into female territory. the male will sure die. females are aggressive in their own turf. hamsters i mean. :) put the female into the male's cage. do it after evening.

    btw, you bought wrong male. he's too young for her. she won't accept him as mate. you should get older males.

    serious fight wounds can lead to infection and death. pay more close attention to them esp evening time onwards. Put more hiding places.

  9. Anonymous3:43 pm

    waaa. wing kor. cannot put both different breed hamster together to breed le.
    1 is WW another one is roborovski. will create hybrid le. and the baby might have no eyes or cacat wan.

    its not that female are aggresive in their own turf. its that female tends to me more territorial than males.

  10. MORE pets soap drama pls? so funny leh.....

  11. Anonymous12:27 pm

    lol .. nice one .. esp the conversation between u n the valentino :)


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