5 February 2009

Poker for Ahbeng

Was playing poker at my Ahbeng fwen's houz few days ago when this Ahbeng suddenly called out to his wife to join us. Lemme tell you before hand that this Ahbeng's wife dem 9 sporting wan .... lets call her Ahlian for the story sake la ok?

Ahbeng : larling kam join us for poker
Ahlian : You guys playing what?
Ahbeng : Poker la ... faitit kam
Ahlian : Poker i dunwan la ...
Ahbeng : Why dunwan?
Ahlian : Poker man play one ... not for lady
Me : huh? then lady play what?
Ahlian : niahma! lidat also u wanna ask ka? Lady play POKEE la!!

knn this woman demn spontaneous .... i almost die luffing that nite! ... u got get the joke anot?


  1. wah...ah beng just like ah beng...~!

  2. GONG HEI FATT CHOI~~~got ang pow?

  3. Anonymous12:10 am

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is indeed funny. damn LOL luckily i didn't laugh out loud at the airport now


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