3 February 2009

How to act like mehlid long long?

There is a misconception about honeymoon ... last time honeymoon means - screwing fest between 2 newly mehlid peeple ... but now rite ... not anymore la!

Now peeple alredi had their screwing fest even befoire they are mehlid ok?! dulu lain sikalang lain ma!!!

Anyway there is this newly mehlid Ahlian (dun guess ... i wont tell who is she wan!) she n her Ahbeng go honeymoon la ... but she tell her Ahbeng she dunwan let the hotel staffs to know they are there for honeymoon wan ... she shy ppl will say she is there for a fark fest lol!

Ahlian : Ahbeng ah ...
Ahbeng : what?
Ahlian : Ahbeng ah ... do we look like just mehlid couple ar?
Ahbeng : Of coz la! why lu ask?
Ahlian : i shy ler .... later the hotell staff sure know we here for wat-wat" one ....
Ahbeng : dun siao ler .... not only us u know? everyone also come here to 'wat-wat' one la!
Ahlian : Ahbeng i dunwan laaa
Ahbeng : okok then what u want me to do?
Ahlian : err .. is there anyway we can pretend that we mehlid long long ago wan anot?
Ahbeng : AH!! lidat easy la!!
Ahlian : How?
Ahbeng : From now on you carry the suitcase and lemme walk in front of u lo!

LOL! i think her Ahbeng is very "wise" la! If you is a lady n u is the mehlid ... are you the one carrying the suitcase everytime u family go holiday yet? if the answer is no ... then worry not ... the time will kam wan! kakakakakaka!


  1. har..married liao then gals need to carry bags oh... i dont want T_T...then not gonna get married..

  2. cindy : buden u can habe maid one maaaa so u ask maid to carry lor lol

  3. Anonymous1:50 pm

    correct also hor hehehe.... girls carry bag LOL

  4. wah kakakakakakaka!

  5. wah, is that from experience? buahaha

    Happy Niu year bro.
    You've been tagged



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