12 February 2009


No, not FIFA 09, its FIFA ONLINE2.

  • Any Ahbeng nothing to do for CNY, put up ur hands!
  • Any Ahbeng always watch football in mamak but dun have balls to kick the real 1, put up ur hands!
  • Any Ahbeng prey football game 1, put up ur hands.!
Ok, today iz Saturday, but I make exception to brog today, so u noe this is big! Yes, FIFA ONLINE baru baru fresh fresh kam out yesterday, now all 7-11 and Popular book store oso got. Faster go get ur own, u wont regret it…!

For limited time, the recent package comes with bonus items. An exclusive item will be given in every pack.

Yes, free 2 prey!

Leng mou teh inside?

In case you are asking, yes. This is mine. I got it free from the game launching. Dun be jeles. LOL.

The game was launched on the 23rd Jan morning in Times Square, 9th floor, Mol-I Café

Launching ceremony banner…

If you are a fan of FIFA and you din go, its reli your lost, becoz got a lot of freebies, and free food samore!

All the big shots from EA and the Malaysian game developer were on the spot to officially launch the game, including this big shot latuk from the gaming kampeni, MyCnx.

Big latuk giving a speech on the stage.

All 3 bigshots officiating FIFA Online 2.

Ok, now bek to the game….

The reason why the game is so happening is because FIFA ONLINE is in conjuction hosting a tournament across southeast asia(Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc) with the winner getting away with USD 100,000 from the competition which will be held on the later part of the year.

Not only you will get to play with real players now, you ken experience it at a new level with international players, juz to get a feel lar, at how good is ur skills.

And, in around February 2009, there will be a 30 day tournament for online players with CASH prizes of RM1000 to be won daily!!! Yeah, you heard me correctly, satu libu linccit!!

Like picking gold from the streets. Juz for Mareysians 1. With satu libu linccit, u ken do so many things, especially come economy recession. So you tell me, wan to prey anot?? This is the easiest way to get lich.

Now, more into the game features.

From the last installment, FIFA ONLINE 2 have different improvements. The availability of the game to Malaysians have expanded and now more of our locals are playing the game.

I personally larf this version of FIFA ONLINE becoz now its handled by a mareysian kampeni. At least, now they ken make it more suitable for local people.

And the best of all is that, its free for all to play this original licensed game. All the expenses needed to start is to get the DVD installer from any 7-11 or Popular book store.

So all ahbengs no need malu malu or sked to join this international online game!

The interface menu is different from the normal fifa game menu.

In-game menu (Click to enlarge)

Basically, you got oni two main things to do in this game, play the football matches and impoof ur football team.

First, you get to pick a team that you can afford. Then you can start to play matches with cpu or real players. You get to chat with other players and exchange ideas and thoughts.

Match screen

As the game goes on gradually, you will be able to purchase world class players like Wayne Rooney & Cristiano Ronaldo. You can purchase lotsa different boost and items for your team to improve it.

And when you win matches, your players will gain experience, and you will start to gain points, points that you can use to switch and purchase a new different team, a team that is more fehmes than ur current 1.

That’s all the game is about. To get new players and impoof ur team. Beat other noobs in the game and bekam a world class FIFA player.

Of all the features in FIFA ONLINE 2, the best is the ‘world tour’. Not take feikei go other country lar, but play with other players from other countries. This archerly puts in a lot of chansi for ahbengs like us, becoz we get to play with foreigners and get some feel of being high crass. Not always got chance to prey international game. Free samore.

The game oso won’t grow old 1. That’s becoz the game mia system will constantly update the rosters and the statistics. Means the player ratings will change according to the real life simulation and transfer changes.

This means that if a player changes team in real life, he changes team in the game. If a player gets lousier in real life, his ratings will drop.

Difference of FIFA09 and FIFA ONLINE2



Real Life Update

Automatic Updates

Requires manual download


Easily accessible matches with real players from around the world

Veri mafan. In game connection setup to play with real players requires time.

“Dream” Factor

Will be able to setup ur dream team of all the superstar players in football. Use it and win championships.

Ken setup. But even after setup oso no use. Kenot use it to go against other real life opponents and play it in a league in the internet.

Rawk anot FIFA ONLINE 2? So much fun stuff to do in teh game. Now even I oso addicted ledi!! Later, I will go 1 on 1 with little devil, and train him to bekam the next FIFA King. LOL

This was my first game record. I was using Tottenham. For those who dun briff I play the game 1, check this out

10 – 0!!! Powder anot?? I no bruff u wan!

Its oni my virgin FIFA game. Dun worry lar, if I win RM1000, I will start give away new year ang pau!!

Why you still here? Faster go 7-11 buy and get the Bonus packet lar. I wan go continue my FIFA ONLINE2 game.


  1. The only game where I could whack my brother 99 was FIFA.

    But it was on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis)console.


    Oh, and that was also the last time I played Sega. Still don't get why guys get so worked up on watching/playing/being guys who chase balls.

  2. Anonymous12:46 am

    u tottenham fan ah ? sure or not hahaha


  3. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Can somebody please help me to get this stuff? I'm fromsarawak.here didnt have 7-11 bla..bla..there's nothing here.
    Very hard to get this kind of stuff.
    somebody please get it for me.i'll pay for the shipping.Anybody willing to help?


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