6 February 2009

What is the most Dangerous Place for a 7 yrs old kid? Their School of coz!

Today at approximately 12:35pm i got a call from my mum ...

Mum : Son! Someone poke Lil Devil eye with a pencil!!
Me : WHAT?!!! WHO?
Mum : His classmate beside him one!
Me : WHY?!!
Mum : Your son classmate said he wanna take his pencil, your son dont let .. he grabbed his pencil poke his eye and throw the pencil on the floor!
Me : WHAT THE FARK?!!! When was this?
Mum : I dont know ... your son is crying and not talking to me ... i think happen sometime ago ... not just happened one.
Mum : Yea when i arrived only i know he got poke in the eye ... i bringing him to clinic now, anything i will call you.

15 minutes later mum called again ....

Mum : son, doc said have to send him to specialist in pantai hospital for further checkup, doc said can see his kornea are injured so only a specialist can determine how serious is the injury.
Me : ok i coming home now, bring him home first i see you at home ok mum?

When i got home Lil Devil keep his eyes closed and will not wanna open them up no matter how much i asked him to. he keep telling me "Ahpa painnnn my eye painnnn" and he has been keeping both his eyes closed until now (its almost 12 hours since we learnt about this incident already)

I then rushed him to the nearest pantai hospital and check him into the emergency ward. The doctor on duty run a quick check on his eye and confirmed his cornea were injured and we were further referred to the Ophthalmology consultant in the hospital.

I asked the doc who is on duty at the emergency ward when he confirmed that Lil Devil's cornea is injured ... i said "doc is it serious?" doc replied "its cornea we are talking about ... of coz it serious!" ... upon hearing that my balls shrunk ....

Waiting for the doctor on duty to access Lil Devil conditions

I was told by the Ophthalmology consultant that they were scratches on Lil Devil's Cornea she run some kinda scan on his cornea revealing the length of the scratched.

Closeup of the photo i took revealing the scratches under UV light

Doc bandaging his right eye up to avoid him from further damaging his cornea by rubbing his eye.

Lil Devil all exhausted from crying and trauma ... fallen asleep on the wheelchair

I still have to bring Lil Devil back to the hospital so that the doc can access his condition further. This is a farking huge trauma for me ... imagine what kinda trauma my kid is going thru? I doubt he would wanna go back to school after this ...

I got a few unanswered questions that i would wish to bring it up so that if you are in a similar situation you could use them as a reference.

1. What kinda 7 yrs old kid that can be so violent?
2. Why is there no one from the school even bother to contact us (the parents?) a kid risking losing his eyesight permanently is not a serious matter or no one give a damn? Must wait until after school only the parents should learn about it?
3. If his conditions worsen who shall be held responsible?
4. What is the ministry of education complain department tel no and email address? Does anyone here have this infos?
5. Who is gonna bear my kid's medical bill now that we are the victim here?
6. What kinda "proper" disciplinary action shall the school take on the boy who did this to my son?
7. Is the public school safe for children?

I wanna know what kinda action i can take in order to prevent this from happening again in the near future, anyone got any opinion/suggestions/information to share? Where can i go to pursue this matter further?

You can leave a message in the comment section or i can be reach at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com, thank you.


  1. get the father out through the school to talk about the compensations. someone must take responsibilities man! else, repot polis!

  2. 1. Some kids are either that violent, or they don't understand the consequences.

    2. The school staff was wrong in not calling you. With a scratched cornea (my mom kena before also) Lil Devil wouldn't be able to open his eye without a lot of pain, so there's no way the teachers won't know. More likely they either A) thought Lil Devil was acting or B) they blardee scared until donno what to do or C)They very setupit.

    3. If you sue the kid, court will say "kid only what, donno anything". Sue the school for not calling you and not sending your son to the hospital straight away.

    4. Nah.

    5. School will probably push to either you or the other kid's family. Insurance got ah?

    6. I think the most the school will do is gantung the kid for some time. You have to remember that the other kid is the same age as your son, so not matured enough to understand consequences yet.

    7. Quite safe one...usually. I'm sorry to say that Lil Devil kena a bad version of lottery lo.

    I hope he's feeling better. Tell him cheche fly gave him e-hug k?

  3. Anonymous2:14 am

    so sorry to hear about this, hope he feels better soon.. :)

  4. Anonymous2:25 am

    i think you should go and talk to the other boy's parents. and make sure they fell damn fucking guilty. make sure!!

    and make it a hoo hah lar. go to Michael Chong and everything. make the school principal no face.

  5. Anonymous3:02 am

    Hope your lil devil gets well soon.

    The teacher and school was clearly wrong and irresponsible for not calling you or the mum immediately after the incident!

  6. i think its better if you could contact the principle about this matter and have a talk with the kids parents too. I don't think there's anyone to be responsible for this incident as 7 year old kids doesn't have a clue how serious this matter goes.

    The only thing I think relevant is that the naughty boy's parents has to be informed and see to it that the boy has counselling and really apologize for his act and that the school have to let the boy sit alone in the classroom to avoid other mishaps.

    As for the carelessness of the school for not contacting you, its really up to you whether you wanna report it to the MOE...

    Hope that your child is going to recover and pray hard that his eyes is not gonna be affected badly...

  7. my... that's a long scratch man. some parents just didn't educate their kids to borrow things from people properly.

    I will pray that your kid will recover fast.

  8. demand compensation from school and the other boy's parent!! grr!!

  9. Anonymous10:49 am

    1. Speak to the principal.
    (what kind of school is that? what a lousy school teacher!!! My school teacher would whack us if we ever tried to kacau other students)

    2. speak to the kurang-ajar(ed) kid's father
    Anyway.. his family should be responsible for his child behaviour. AND AND your kid medical fee!

    3. FOr you kid, Im pressumingly doctor had prescribed an antibiotic eye drop.
    After the antibiotic course, use EYE GEL (any brand, such as GenTeal, Visco Tears eye GEL)
    Eye gel has better healing property - it allows the cells to arrange on top of each other and keep the eye moist. Consequently, this reduces itch prevents scratching; and finally improve healing.

    4. Reassurance
    Parents of the lil victim should stay calm, and reassure the kid everything will be fine. He will see things after 1 week. Cornea will be able to grow back.
    Optimistism improves a medical condition..

    Thats all I can say. God bless and take care.
    Thanks for letting me know, uncle. At least I can contribute a little.
    Anything, email me.


  10. i dont think ppl from MOE check website or email

  11. I am sorry to hear what happened to your son. I am mortified. First of all, that shouldnt be happening and secondly, what is the teacher thinking???? My answers to your questions would be:-

    1. Mo kar kau kids.

    2. These days, not all, but most people have a brain for decoration purposes only. They lost their 'common sense' skill.

    3. Nobody. The other kid parents definately wont korek their son's eye out to pay back. So if you sue them, they will defend irregardlessly.

    4. Can't help you here, I got no kids. But nevertheless, still frustrated with the whole blardy education system.

    5. Practically, the other parents should bear. But judging from their uncivilised kid, we can guess where he got it from. Nevertheless you can try.

    6. The "proper" basic school disciplinary action they shld take would be to notify the uncivilised parents of such happening and embark on a proper punishment. later on bring up the issue at an assembly to prevent other children from repeating same thing.

    7. Is the public school safe for children? - What are you thinking??? But since privates are too expensive, the next option would be to a good track record public school. Generally they are all not safe.

  12. So sorry to hear about yr son's case. I was attack by a classmate too in primary days and the pencil nib stuck in my palm for years. Hope the cornea scratches is not too serious or else you would have to sue the parents for compensation.

  13. My youngest sister was attacked in school as well. Her classmate poked her palm with pencil and her palm got like hole like that. Scared the shit outta of my parents. My Mom talked to the school principal but they gave no response.

    Then talk to the classmate's Mom.. she said..aiya..kids play play only mah. Talking ain't useful if you ask me. I would say make a huge fuss out of it. Then only they will pay attention to this matter despite that it's a small matter.

    By the way, my youngest sister is studying in Pendidikan Khas. I am not suprised if any other normal public school kids do such a thing. Imagine..Pendidikan Khas students also like that.


  14. Oh, poor kid. Lil Devil not 'devil' enough compared to his classmate.

    Hope he get well soon.

  15. Anonymous12:40 pm

    1. A rottweiler.

    2. That will clearly be the responsibility of the school to inform the parents.

    3. The owner of the dog.

    4. Call SPCA to put the dog to sleep.

    5. The owner of the dog.

    6. Send the dog to circus for training.

    7. Blame the dog.

  16. Anonymous12:58 pm

    - Try to bring up the issues to the headmaster.

    - The teachers have to be responsible, too. Discuss if they have use reasonable care and pay attention to the kids in the class. You can sue the school and the school has the vicarious liability of its teachers.

    - Medical expenses, shall be borne by the parents and the school. Possibly. School definitely has the responsibility to bear the medical costs.

    - Bring up the issue to the local education department.

    Hope little devil get well soon!
    Take care.

  17. Both the school and the guilty kid's parents should be responsible. Make a huge fuss as this is very serious.
    Poor Lil Devil. Hope he's fine.

  18. Anonymous2:26 pm

    WTF ler... How can we teach those kids not to be violence?

  19. Sorry to hear about what happened to your son. Just curious, which school does he go to?

    I seriously feel that you MUST go to the school and highlight this matter to the school principal and probably get the school to make an arrangement to meet the other kid's parents too. Your son's teacher / school should have contacted you regarding that incident.

    Hope your son will get well soon.

  20. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Sorry about your kid. Another avenue for complaints is the press. I think the school is being negligent for not calling you. You could sue the school.

  21. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Although I dunno your son but I also feel very "sam tong" when I saw this post. Hope your son will be alright.

  22. Anonymous4:08 pm

    tat kids father must pay for the medication, and tat SOB kid must be expelled. and the teacher must kena, so irresponsible.

    my balls shrunk too reading ur post.

  23. hey.. i thought every child has to pay a small sum of money for insurance when they start school?
    try check it out.
    and don't forget to talk to the kid's parents.
    ask the teacher to change his place.
    be aggressive when you speak to the headmaster so that there will be actions taken.

    i tried bullied by my classmate before when i was in primary school. my mum was kind of aggressive with reporting so that girl got called by the GPK and since then, she never disturb me.

  24. ahem..
    i mean, i was bullied by a girl before.

  25. Anonymous4:35 pm

    hope your son get well soon

  26. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Firstly, make a police report.

    With the police report then only you can proceed further. Whether you wanna file a court case, claim compensation or whatever, you need a police report. Malaysia mah.

  27. Anonymous4:48 pm

    1. Can sue the minor (1st Defendant) and his estate by (thru) his parents (2nd Defendant) for damages costs etc. Your Lawyer may advise this.

    2. Can also sue/ bring in the school (Third Defendant). The school is insured as is the government (that is why- maybe the school offered to pay, the school and the government can be liable to pay more… they know this that is why they are offering to settle to avoid litiigation.

    4. Yah, as terence says do a police report as the child's parent.

  28. Anonymous4:49 pm

    It's not true that you can't sue a minor.

  29. Aiiii... Poor guy..

    Hope your lil Devil get well soon. *sigh*

    Two parties at fault - the kid's parents for not educating their kid about such behaviour, and the school. Aiii...

  30. sorry to hear that pal, hope your son will be ok.

  31. Anonymous5:25 pm


    you want me to come and wack kau the HM or the other parent ar? or i fucking burn down that school for you!

    tiu niasing!

  32. sorry about what happened ...

    1. Today's generation kid.
    2. a few possibilities, your son didn't report to teacher, teacher may not even know. teacher poor judgement not to call. teacher don't know how to contact you, or form teacher not in that day.
    3. actually you are, but you can find ppl to share from school and ofcourse the opposing parent.
    4. if this is a chinese school then most probably going to schooling concile or worse MCA is more effective than jabatan.
    5. all public school has a compulsory insurance, if you did pay that, you can claim that from school and see how much they cover. other than that, its the H&S plan you bought for your son if any.
    6. depends on the intention after investigation, worst is the kid will be given close monitoring for a short period of time.
    7. its the same almost everywhere

  33. Anonymous5:32 pm

    My cornea was once torn (minor). Only a little bit torn and I can't see clearly what's in front of me but a blurry image. Luckily it wasn't too bad that medication and therapy can't heal. But I have only myself to blame cause I was playing with firecrackers and it hit me in the eye. That was like 10 years ago.

    But this one, lil devil kena poked in the eye by the classmates, we're talking about violence in the class. We need to call up the kuwakchai gang bro.

    Seriously, this thing involving kids and schools. Both the school and the kids parents involved need to sit down and settle face to face. Don't play play.

  34. Really sorry to hear about this. Hope ur son get well soon.

  35. Anonymous5:42 pm


    My heart shrank when I read from 5Xmom about your son. I pray for him to recover soon.

  36. rojaks,

    my fren showed me this post and im so sorry to hear about this. i hope he can recover fast and it will not impair his eyesight.

    i also agree with those to go speak with the principal and the violent boy's parents.

    1- to let the parents know that they are not going to get away with this.
    2-they need to control their kids properly.
    3-make the school accountable for students' safety in class during schooltime.

    my classmate in primary school also kena this pencil violence b4. but hers was in her thigh which is not that bad. but the scar was still there when she told me in form 3.

    i saw the scar with a noticeable pencil lead visible with naked eye ley!
    but i remember thinking "omg what if she gets cancer from this? foreign object stuck inside her body for years, man"

    complain to the top! make MOE hear abt this. police.. and also michael chong?

  37. seeeefu! are u ok!!i'll pray for lil devil too wokie!

  38. That's horrible!

    I hope lil devil get well soon!

    That kid (the one who hurt ur son)needs to be educate properly!

    Sad to see this happen.

  39. walau the kid dam ganas wei !better talk to the parents so that he will never will do that again.7 years old use pencil to poke people's eye, God knows what he will use when he's 17 @.@

    poor lil devil.i'll pray for his recovery =)

    and the school also another one....apasal dont call/inform parents one

  40. Hey bro, I've been following your blog for a long time adi... So sorry to heard what happen to your son. I suggest you to talk to principal about this matter first and then the parents of that lil kid. If no "appropriate" compensation and apologies are made.

    Then we can go protest kaw kaw outside the school, don worry we ahbengs will support you mia!!

  41. Anonymous7:01 pm

    damn...scold 9 the father of that kid...
    i hope lil devil recover ASAP!!
    take care.

  42. oh dear. i hope ur son recovers soon. that sounds pretty bad :(

  43. Poor Lil Devil. Hug him and love him a lot and give him lots and lots of reassurance. Talk to the school principal, the teacher and the other kid's parents.

  44. Report to police and seek an attorney's advice. This is not to put the kid behind bars but to make sure relevant parties (school and parents) take full responsible of this incident.

  45. Anonymous8:41 pm

    So sorry to read about this. Geram betul, I will sure go make a hoo haa in school.

    Violence in school is one of the reason that home-schooler chose to homeshool their children.

  46. how is lil devil now? I hope that he will get will soon and won't have the trauma to go back to school. Which school is it? I better blacklist it ler.

  47. Anonymous9:55 pm

    wingz, so sorry to hear that. poorthing... wish he can recover soon. hmmm. must do something, else it might happen again. :( *hug*

  48. Oh my god! You definately must go to the school and talk to the principal. You have every right to make a police report or a report to the education ministry. I can feel little devil's pain. Makes sure he gets lots of water and rest.

  49. I dun hav de ans to ur questions...

    but I do wish Lil Devil recovers fast.

  50. for me,danger are everywhere..referring to ur post,school..u thought that nothing bad can happen,but it is wrong right?..anyway i hope he will get better soon..BE STRONG..

  51. dun overreact and jump to yr own conclusion even b4 anyone finds out what exactly had happened.
    accident happens all the time, god knows how the pencil kena the eye.
    why sue? sue who? a 7 year old? ppl say u gila ah!
    some said sue the school…? not practical, if against all the odds, the case is won by the parent, many poor students will lose their book subsidy, may be a couple of teachers will lose their jobs and i guarantee u all pencils will be banned fr the school. so semua kids got affected adversely.
    this is between the 2 kids, their parents and the school’s principal. dun bring any lawyers into this. To the parents of the injured kid, yes…. there are kids involve here but shit still happens…. abt time for the school to review their policy in the way they handle scenarios like these. There is no easy way to say who's right or who's wrong. Just a case of being in the wrong place at the wring time.
    based on the photos, the corneal ddint seem to have punctured or ruptured. I think he will regain his vision but your specialist should have told you otherwise by now.

  52. Anonymous1:38 am

    Omg, how's lil devil now? Hope he's feeling better now.

    Complain to the school authorities! Teacher, headmaster or whatever, even the PIPG people. Find out who is the little brat, find out his parents and make sure they know how serious it is. I think the teahcer should be able to help looking for the parents.

  53. Direct report police,
    then they will contact the kid parent, shock them first ma. since u get shocked u should balas!

    get a lawyer make it big!

    no need talk to school principle coz they're just a bunch of fai chai!

  54. Anonymous1:06 am

    dai sei...

  55. Sorry to hear about what happened to your son. Hope he is recovering well the soonest.

    I do have a 3 yrs old kid with me... and kind of worried when I read about your case.

  56. what is the name of the school? should just make it know and get them black marked for their incompetence. I know that you would be damn angry with the kid. And you have the right to do so. But the main culprit is the school authorities. Useless buggers. what if the whole situation would have been made better had they informed you earlier bout lil devil's situation? Would they be remourseful?

  57. well.... you can sue the school for at least RM1 million... for lack of security... what if some naughty students did worse than that??? vehleeee dangelous oohhhh

  58. I can understand how u felt then.. my son who was 7 then was pushed into the drain and had a deep gash just right above his right eye..thank God his eye was spared.. we took him to the clinic, school authorities only did the reporting.. ended up having 7-8 stitches.. the way he cried in pain in the clinic, it was and still is .. heartwrenching.. i felt so painful for him.. till today, he is 21 now, the scar is still visible..
    who beared the responsibility?
    no one, my dear fren..no one except us parents...sigh..

  59. consult your lawyer, see got what way to sue everyone who is involved... be it the school's lack of action, the stupid parents who didn't teach their stupid kid, or the damn kurang ajar kid...

    must do something... else these ppl never gonna learn... get the entire issue published... anything...

  60. Hi there, i found your blog by accident. Would like to seek advise on where should i go if i want to make a formal complaint about one of the kindergaren school in ss16 pj.I overhead conversation from the teachers that there is either beauty shop/salon in the school premise.Is the principal allowed to do that? Is it legal?


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