30 July 2007

Writers Wanted

Ahbeng have always wanted to be a great writer, thats his life long ambition. One day he saw in newspaper ....

Young, ambition writer who is in his youth, professed his desire become a great writer.
Call 173173 for appointment "

Without delay Ahbeng called and fixed an interview the next day ....

The next day after arrived at the job agency for around 15 minutes, he was called into the interview .... in the room there is 1 Fler waiting for him.

Fler : Good morning Mr Ahbeng ... take a seat
Ahbeng : Tenkiu sir.
Fler : Tell me Ahbeng ... what makes you wanna be a writer?
Ahbeng : I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger!
Fler : WOW! I cant belif it! You are exactly the type of writer we are looking for!!!
Ahbeng : Serious??!!!
Fler : Yea! You are hired!!
Ahbeng : WOW!!!
Fler : Please repot to work tomlo ok?
Ahbeng : Eh .. wait ...
Fler : What?
Ahbeng : I will be working for which company and for what post first?
Fler : OH! ... soli .. i got too excited and i forgot all about it ... well you will be working for Microsoft corporation and the post will be your dream job!! You can write stuffs that ppl will react on and they will scream and howls and cry and bang their head when they read your writings!!!
Ahbeng : And that will be?
Fler : Microsoft Error Message Writer of coz!!!
Ahbeng :

29 July 2007

How to Make ABC at Home

If u derno yet ... ABC stands for Air Batu Campur, in yingrish it means mixed shaved ice lol!

I learnt how to make ABC at home today, thanks to this "device/gadget" i bought at RM2 shop long long ago. I dug it out from the bottom of the kitchen cabinet today and I thot since i never used it before why dont have some fun with it rite? At least if it dont work then can throw ledi la! lol

This is how the thing looks like .....

Kinda ugly/cute rite? the color is definitely fugly la ... purpur kaler sial ...

Then you opened it up you can see there is a blade in there to shave the ice, kinda like the sharpener we used to use during the good ol days ....

Then u kasi masuk all the ice cubes innit, close the lid and start cranking the knob (the thing that looks like a mushroom one la!)

Then after u cranked till half dead baru you see abit shaved ice kam out .... This is how the shaved ice looks like ... dem pro looking for a manual RM2 machine lol!

Nah let u see the shaved ice up close la ... how? leng mou?

Then after i made all those ice only i realised i dont have kacang and canned corn and red beans and i dont even have rose syrup nor evaporated milk!!! .... so i ended up making ice blended Laibeenah la!!!

I think I can go sell ice blended drink in pasar malamn with this machine liao ... neh those bubble tea thingy .... u think can anot ar?

28 July 2007

Tai Thong Promo special Set Menu

Tai Thong is having is special set menu promotion, a 6 course meal only for RM10.80 per head! Mana mau cari?!!!

Many thanks to my sis for bringing us there for dinner and also to celebrate my younger brader mia birthday and also paying the bills la!

Sis, Bro, Ma & Pa

Tai Thong Spesel Menu Set

Set D, RM108.80 for 10 paxs

The varieties/choices of dishes you can choose from ... phuuhhhhhh!!!

erm .. ignore this pic

Shark fin!! Glorious shark fin!! (fake fins la! we dont eat real fins wan!)

Dragen!!! Kenot eat wan ... for deco oni

Cripsy skin chicken with prawn crackers

Derno what fish

Deep fried prawn in batter

Chinese Tempura prawn!!! Yummy!

Vegetarian dish

Longevity noodle a.k.a. WANTAN MEEN!!!


Food wise its Tai Thong ... how bad can it be rite? Price wise ... MANA MAU CARI??!!!

What you waiting for? Chinese New Year ka? Faster goan book yourself a table la! RM10.80 per pax only for a 6 course authentic chinese dinner! Makdonald also cost more la!

27 July 2007

What Ahbeng Discovered and What Ahlian Invented

In this world got ppl discover stuffs and got ppl invent stuffs ... lets look at how it affect our lives in today's world.

Ahbeng discovered weapons, invented hunting.
Ahlian discovered hunting, invented furs.

Ahbeng discovered colors, invented painting.
Ahlian discovered painting, invented make-up.

Ahbeng discovered speech, invented conversation.
Ahlian discovered conversation, invented gossip.

Ahbeng discovered agriculture, invented food.
Ahlian discovered food, invented diet.

Ahbeng discovered friendship, invented love.
Ahlian discovered love, invented marriage.

Ahbeng discovered trade, invented money.
Ahlian discovered money and Ahbeng has never recovered.

The 2 deadly traps us Ahbeng kenot escape wan ... marriage and money ... jialat! Mana mau lari??!! lol

26 July 2007

You Want How Long?

Ahbeng drive his son Ahock to Ahpek's hardware store to pick up some supplies to built a small shed beside their house.

When they arrived, Ahbeng said to Ahock ...

Ahbeng : Son, you go down look for Ahpek and tell him you want 4 batangs of 2" x 4" kayu.
Ahock : Ok ... just mention 2" x 4" kayu Ahpek will know ar?
Ahbeng : Yala! if derno then he no nid open hardware store liow la ... go go!
Ahock : ok ok ...

Ahock then walks into the hardware store to look for Ahpek ....

Ahock : Ahpek! my oldman send me to buy some of 2" x 4" kayu
Ahpek : ok! 2" x 4" kayu i got stock ... how many batangs you want?
Ahock : My oldman said 4 batangs
Ahpek : You want how long wan?
Ahock : Errr ... Ahpek u wait har ... i go ask my oldman 1st.

Ahock then dashed out to ask his dad .... from a distance Ahpek can see from his store windows that Ahbeng is scolding Ahock and not long after that Ahock is walking back to the hardware store again ...

Ahock : My oldman said "very long" ler ...
Ahpek : What you mean very long???!!
Ahock : My dad say you sampat wan ... we building a shed beside our house ... so we will need the kayu for a long long time ... lidat also u wanna ask??!!
Ahpek :

24 July 2007

Secret to a Long Lasting Marriage

Ahbeng and Ahlian were both in their 80s and this year they are celebrating their 60s wedding anniversary this week. Coincidently the national TV new channel were interviewing Ahbeng and Ahlian on whats their secret to a long lasting marriage ....

Leporter : Ahbeng ah .. I wan ask u har ... wats your secret to this long lasting marriage with Ahlian ar?
Ahbeng : ahh ... we take time to go eat in a restoran twice a week, then after we eat we enjoy a slow walk home
Leporter : Wuahhh!!! so nice leh!
Ahbeng : Yar ... I myself go every Tuesday and Thursday and Ahlian go by herself every Wednesday and Friday ... thats how our marriage can last so long lor!

Good News and Bad News

Halfway walking Ahbeng the old fart pengsanED on the walkway and some nice samaritan kasi call ambulance send him to the hospital.

At the hospital the lokter check Ahbeng kaw kaw wan then when he wokeup the Lokter told him ...

Lokter : Ahbeng, I got good news and bad news ... mana lu want hear first?
Ahbeng : Lokter tell me bad news first pulez
Lokter : Ahbeng u got cancer ... i count count u max max got 3 months left oni ...
Ahbeng : Mahfulat!!! I m gonna die in 3 months time??!!!!
Lokter : Abuden?
Ahbeng : If i only got 3 months to live .... then what can be the good news?
Lokter : The good news is .... lu also got Alzheimer .... in about a week you will forget that you got cancer.
Ahbeng :

20 July 2007

Pull the tongue and see?

Ahbeng walks into a shoe shop and looks around for a pair of new shoes.

Salesman : Taukeh! this one new pesyen taukeh! wan try anot?
Ahbeng : New pesyen ar? ok ok wan try ...
Salesman : What size ar taukeh?
Ahbeng : Size 8 got anot?
Salesman : got got ... u sit here wait .. i go take ok taukeh?
Ahbeng : ok ok

*Few minutes later ....

Salesman : Taukeh .. nah size 8 .. try n see comfy anot ...
Ahbeng : hmmm ... I think abit tight ler ...
Salesman : hmmm taukeh you try to pulling out the tongue and see still got tight anot?
Ahbeng : Nehnot ... pooh lehlee till taigh ler
Salesman :

19 July 2007

Lawyers Playing Poker

3 Loyars (Ahbeng, Ahock and Richard) were playing poker on a Sunday afternoon.

Ahock : I win!! I WIN!!!
Richard : Kanneh!!! againnn??!!!
Ahbeng : KENOT BE!!! you cheating??!!
Richard : How you know Ahock cheating?
Ahbeng : I m the dealer! I know what kinda card i gave him la!!

hahaha!! joking oni hor! loyars are actually very nice person lei geh! Dun belif you ask pablopabla la!

18 July 2007

Ahbeng's Cleanest Shave

Ahbeng the barber have this reputation of being able to give the most cleanest shave around the cheeks in the whole state of Ipoh.

One day this guy, Ahock after hearing Ahbeng's cleanest shave reputation for sometime decided to give him a try la ... he go into the shop and sit himself down on one of the few chair ....

Ahock : Taukeh, I heard you can give the best cleanest shave nobody can fight ... I wanna try that pulez.
Ahbeng : Ok boss .... nah ... you put this wooden ball between your cheek and your gum first.

Ahock did as instructed, its true ... Ahbeng can give him the cleanest shave he ever experienced before .... halfway thru the process Ahock realised that the wooden ball is also quite small and can easily been swallowed accidently. Then Ahock said ...

Ahock : Taukeh .... this ball so small ... what if i swallowed this wooden ball ar?
Ahbeng : oh ... swallowed ar? dont worry leh! wont choke to death one ... if u swallowed ledi then u just bring it back tomorrow just like all my previous customers did lor!

17 July 2007

Senior Women Drivers

Limkokwing Student bashed up by Guards? Read all about it HERE

At an Old Folks Home in Peejay several grandmas were complaining about how disfunctional their body is ....

Ahlian : I tell you hor ... my hands now no power ledi ... wanna hold this kopi mug for long also kenot.
Ahuei : Aiyah dont say you lar! I lagi worst leh! My eye sight are so bad i cant hardly see the kopi mug u r holding la!
Ahlian : Of coz u kenot see lar! I put down on the table ledi mah!
Ahuei : ohh ... no wonder la!!
Lulu : Eh you 2 still can walk still can move komplen so much ... I mau turn my head also kenot bcoz of my Fungsap (arthritis) I cant even turn my head you know?
Ahlian : Eh .. my high blood pressure also make my head pain like siao also u know?
Ahuei : I guessed thats the plice we gotta pay for growing old huh?
Lulu : Yea ... but thank god we all still can drive la!!!
Ahuei & Ahlian : Ya ya ya ya!

So you now know why KL so jam la?

16 July 2007

RM2 Hair Cut

There is this new barber in town that is offering the new RM2 hair cut package to lure new customers. He even have this big big Sign outside of his shop saying.

Ahbeng on the other hand has been operating his hair saloon in the same neighbourhood for the past 12 years ledi, and this RM2 hair cut package really upset him la.

So he go bek home that day to tok to Ahlian (his wife) about it ....

Ahbeng : Kanneh!!! got one new shop open wanna challenge my business!
Ahlian : Calm down Ahbeng! Calm down!! Think of what you have that he dont?
Ahbeng : OH! other thing i derno but this one I sure know wan!
Ahlian : Good ler! then tomlo u goan advertise big big in front of our shop and tell ppl what is your advantages ok?
Ahbeng : Ok! tenkiu loupor!

One day after that This sign can be clearly seen in front of Ahbeng's Shop :

11 July 2007

Wedding Vows of Today

Wedding vows is quite common and even tho who are not wed should know about them from watching TV or movies.

The common wedding vows would sound lidis :

I, Ahlian, take you Ahbeng, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

Those were the olden days lar ... nowadays where got lidat anymore ... nowadays heng one is lidis geh :

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be held against you, you have the right to have an attorney present. You may kiss me now sucker!."

To those who are married ... to some extend its quite true also rite?

At Least 80

One day got one aunty speeding at 70km/h at a 50km/h skool zone, what this aunty derno is there is a police waiting for her at the other end of the road.

Eventually she was stopped by the policeman handling the speed trap ....

Policeman : Aunty ... when i saw u kambing around the korner ... i told myself ... "cincai cincai also got seventy ledi la!"
Aunty : Niahma!!! where got so old la!!! I baru celebrate my 55 yrs old birthday oni la! Its this blouse i tell u!!! this blouse made me looks old!
Policeman : =.=""

10 July 2007

Prove that women talks more than men

If you are married then you should be aware of this fact .... Its a fact women does tok more than men but there is another story behind it.

One day Ahbeng told Ahlian about what he read in the newspaper that women talks more than men, the study showed that men averagely use about 5000 words but women on the other hand used twice as much (10,000 words) per day.

Ahlian behsong ledi Ahbeng tok lidat ... then Ahlian answer him lidis :

Ahlian : U know why har? we women toked twice as much as men because we hafta repeat everything we said at least twice!

Then Ahbeng blur blur lidat look at Ahlian and said :

Ahbeng : err ... what? say again?

9 July 2007

Dont Seperate a Woman from her Mom.

I tell you ... every farking year I also kena one wok Farking suey one! Last year was my dad mia heart problem but thanks god becoz of that i made lotsa new frends who helped me thru that awful days and now .. this year more big wok! My life is seriously upside down now ... then a frend come and tell me "just blog happy stuffs frend, when peeple read ledi happy ... u will be happy too!" I did just that .... tell me its funny ok?

There is this married guy who Q up long long to get his transformers movie ticket, after 45 minutes of Q-ing its finally his turn. He walked up to the ticket counter and said :

Man : 1 Ticket pulez.
Ticket Seller : Sir ... we have 2 more tickets left only, its even a twin seats and the 2 women behind you told me just now that they want twin seatings.
Man : Oh ... you mean the mother and doter whois Q-ing behind me?
Ticket Seller : Yes Sir, Sir ... if you dont mind, can I give you a ticket to the next show? You dont wanna seperate a doter from her mother do you?
Man : Oh no ... No sir, I done that once and I has been sorry ever since!

*Note : Seperate a mader from her doter means kahwin with her doter la! kahwin ledi take her away to your house mah! Understen?!

8 July 2007


NO NO!!! not jangan bogel!!! Jangan Togel la! What is jangan Togel? Like you all, first first I also thot its Bogel but then I see see the ad … its by NIKE wor! Takan Nike put Bogel rite anot? Then I see clearly only know its Togel.

TOGEL?? What the hell is Togel? I also dunno what is Togel also la! So the more I see this ad on the top of my blog the more curious I got. That bloody ad is like seducing me like that you know?!

Finally all my will power gone case, I clicked on the Jangan Togel Nike ad, I die die also wanna know what is this new word call Togel! If its manglish then how come I don’t know?! I demand to know!

First thing you see after you clicked on the Jangan Togel ad is a short anime clip of some Ahbeng Ali and Amuru playing football, the clip is short but damn suspense! If you like watching Shaolin Soccer then you would definitely like this short clip, no bluff you one!

After the short clip you will learn get to learn the real meaning of the word Togel, What does Togel means? You wanna know? You really really wanna know? Go find out yourself la! Go ahead, click on the Jangan Togel Nike Ad … you know you want to!

Other than learning what Togel means actually the website also very nice, the concept itself is one thing and the features, freebies and navigation also chun!

One thing you will notice when you start exploring the Jangan Togel website is that, the presence of Malaysian essence in it. Along the site you can see multiple characters with speech bubbles saying things like “Going to lose already lah!”, “Ceh! Tutup mata aku pun boleh buat” and “Boss the tarik satu!” if you don’t notice you might think you got into another Rojaks Daily site!

Did I tell you that this site got autoscroll feature? No nid to use page up and down, just have to move your mouse to left or right! Itu saja! Leaving you with plenty of finger power to explore the whole website. Cool anot?

There are a few feature that you ought to pay attention to :

Jangan Togel Film, which should be showing a few episode of short film but unfortunately at the time of this article the screen which was suppose to show the film was showing the words “Akan Datang”. So, I cant tell you the film is nice or not. Tough you might wanna check it out later because they might have uploaded the first episode by then.

Jangan Togal Theme Song and lyric, personally I think the song they played when they are showing the intro that time dem rock, the name of the song is “My Generation and its by Sevencollar t-shirt” and if you like that song you can download it from this place or you can pick up a cd from Nike outlet in Midvalley also! BEST!

Don’t say I no tell you!

The Downloads section is my favorite hangout place in this site. In here macam macam ada! First lemme tell you what happened if u click on that “Magazine kiosk”.

You will be greeted by this hansem mamak dozing off to the background of Hindustan music playing thru some broken speaker! LOL! Dem classic I tell you!!!

And its in here you can find macam macam ada! Got screensaver, got wallpaper for your desktop, got mobile wallpaper for your handphones, got ringtones for your handphones and the best part of all … They got this bloody happening sci-fi football Jangan Togel comic that you can download in pdf format!!!

Lemme show you a small screenshot of the comic and you tell me got chun anot.

How Chun anot?

This Nike Jangan Togel site macam macam ada! Mana mau cari?! If football is your kinda game, then u definitely gotta pay them a visit!

By the way … You know what does Togel means anot? Go find out la! What you waiting for? Christmas ar?

This is an Advertorial Powered by Nike and Nuffnang

6 July 2007

Aid for Suicidals

Suicidal, thats the word that will appear in one's mind when they are facing lots n lotsa problems.

I belif almost everyone also thot suiciding before, its human nature to be lazy and when faced with lots n lotsa problems we tend to take the easiest/shortcut way to solve it.

I always wonders ... how many shits a person can take before he gathered enough courage to actually do it?

Yes ... I m almost there myself. I cant seems to find the answers to all those questions in my head now but there is one thing that i m certain of ... if its not because of this song, i would be fucking dead by now.

No, this is not a joke and Yes ... the next time u r feeling suicidal ... listen to this song, it seriously helps to keep you alive! I WILL SURVIVE!!

Ahlian's Descriptions of a Perfect Man

At a local kopitiam Ahlian and her fwens were sitting there blow water, this Ahlian also got the look also la, so she blow water and tell everyone what kinda man will make her lum and whats her descriptions of a Perfect man.

Ahlian : My man must be able to shine in the dark, he also must be able to play musical instruments and sing love songs to lum me, I want him to be able to tell jokes and make me luff like Rojaks Daily and most importantly .... he must love to stay home all night dun go out wan!

Ahlian mia fwens all pretend dem implessed with Ahlian's descriptions of her perfect man lar ... so ngam got one old leli also heard Ahlian blow water, that old leli beh than then tok loud loud lidis:

Old Leli : Ahlian, If thats what you want, you dont need a man la ... you oni need a TV!

5 July 2007

Faremiao Dinner

Getting married soon? Wanna win RM27,600 while you are at it?
Checkout This Contest by Kidchan

Actually its madness if you goan eat stimbot now, you know how hot izzit recently? To make it worst ... we sommo got this annual haze present from our neighbour Indon. 30 C goan eat stimbot is like having dinner in a sauna! If not bcoz of that Pennypupz (the one whois leaving forUK/ faremiao dinner la!) said she wanna eat stimbot I really fark her no free la!!!

Sunway is not a frendly place to go to after 5pm ok? I got stuck in that freaking jam in front of Sunway for 1 farking hour!!! ONE HOUR!!! I can goto PD in one hour you know?!!! Next time who do gathering in Sunway again you sure kena diu by me wan!!!

Lulu the mamasan

Mamasan kena rush ... reporter taking pikture, mamasan hide face!

Who turned up?? Ngam ngam one table! But of coz being chinese sure got come late one la! Becoz we dem hungry ledi we tarak main wait wait wan ledi, we see .. we like .. we sapu!! Buffet Stimbot mah! is lidat one la!

Amazing Suanie, Kidchan and Nick

Kimchi, Scott and beerbotol

But i smart .. I sit down wait for them to go take food, when they kambek i help them eat! LOL! Buden i kena curse till upside down for doing that, kanneh! I help them test whether got poison anot also kenot!

Then when i go for a puff with Kenny and Penny (MCH Kenny n Penny ... wonder why they never dated each others b4 lol) , I kambek that time ... my plate fulla rubbish!! those farkers taste ledi not nice all chuck to me! Cilaka! Where got peeple go buffet stimbot take vege wan?!! Vege dem cheap la oi! Take meat la! fishballs is cheap also! Take beef!!! n crabs!!! n prawns!!! n Lalas!!! Take vege rugi kasar la!!! diu!

Kenny and his New age DSLR with transparent lense!

Dont ask ... you dont wanna know what is this suppose to be ok?

Seriously, there is nothing to shout about the food and the atmosphere also so-so, but the company were the best! As usual we are the loudest among all the table and being the bloggers as we are .... they camwhored to the max la! (they means except me ok?)

4 July 2007

If only there is ...

24 hours ... Thats all I got.

If i have 48 hours in a day then things would be different,
i would be a better person,
a better father,
a better husband,
a better son,
a better brother,
a better boss,
& a better blogger.

If only there is 48 hours in a day for me ... Then my life wont sucks so much...

Ahbeng Take Exams

Ahbeng wasnt born very smart so he was sent to under privilaged skool.

After almost a year studying in the under privilaged skool he kena take his final exams ledi, becoz of the nature of their brain system .... their exams is actually very easy one.

Just answer "true or false" but still, since this is the first time Ahbeng is taking an exams he very no confident, he told his oldman lidis :

Ahbeng : I no confident the exams la .. i sked i derno how to answer
Fader : Son dont worry leh! very easy only just choose one answer from the 2 choice they give you.
Ahbeng : What if i derno the answer? then how to choose? I kenot leh!
Fader : Ah! that one easy la! u bring one coin into the exam hall with you.
Ahbeng : Coin? buy what?
Fader : no no ... coin got 2 sides one ma!
Ahbeng : ya ...
Fader : u flip the coin, if its head then the answer is True, if tail then the answer is False.
Ahbeng : Lidat also can?
Fader : Can! Last time Fader also use this method wan!
Ahbeng : Ok I trust u Fader.

A few days after that Ahbeng sitting for the test that time he took out his coin and start flipping for every questions. Within 35 minutes he finished all 60 questions ledi, he put the coin back into his pocket.

After he finished he lepak there and look left look right ... then he suddenly remembered something his Tcher told him.

Ahbeng took out the coin from his pocket again and start flipping but this time as he flips he starting rubbing off some of the answers also. As there are only less than 20 minutes left Ahbeng paniced and hes flipping the coin like crazy.

In seing this, the Examiner thot Ahbeng is unwell and decided to check up on him ...

Examiner : Ahbeng you ok anot? Whats happening to you ar? Why you like so kancheong lidat wan?
Ahbeng : Sir ... just now i finished all my questions ledi wan.
Examiner : Then what are you doing now?
Ahbeng : I remember my Tcher said "after finish must recheck your answers"
Examiner : Yes thats correct, then what are you doing now?
Ahbeng : Sir ... I m rechecking my answers now lor.

3 July 2007

Hand Soap Dispenser for Export

If you are asking me, I would say that the most important dispensers among all is the handsoap dispenser.

Toilet is actually a very unhygienic place filled with bacterias and viruses, right after we finish doing our business we will inevitably proceed to wash our hands.

Have you experience damaged handsoap dispenser that cant dispense any soap for you to clean your hand? Can you imagine how it feel like if you do not managed to wash your hands with proper soap after to done going to the toilet?

Vertex Century is one of the top hand soap dispensers manufacturer in this region, their soap dispenser are of high quality and also widely used in washrooms, toilet and restrooms across the country.

One of their best seller would be SD1000 hand soap dispensers, this 1 liter bulk fill dispenser are known for its versatility and rigidness, rated a favourite Soap dispenser among the hygiene service provider all over the world. Replaceable heavy duty spring pump that will last for years to make your investment pays itself.

If bulk fill spring pump soap dispenser is not your cup of tea, then you should go for this SD800 Handsoap Dispenser. Sturdy streamline design that matches every toilet interior with ease, armed with a replaceable heavy duty rubber tube as a mean to dispense soaps makes this unit very easy to operates. If you would like to use bag-in-a-box then simply remove the soap reervoir and replace it with the soap in a box.

Ahbeng Magic Show

Leli and Genitalmen,

Rojaks Daily welokam lu suma today to our premier/free/pasar malam magik show featuring our Resident Magician Ahbeng Juinjie!!

This Ahbeng Eat full nothing to do follow me cari makan performing in pasar malam wan! Today we is gonna teech lu how to tie a shoelace without touching it.

Why shoelace? bcoz its natural for Ahbeng not to know how to tie a shoe lace wan! You dont belif ar? You goan find all your Ahbeng frends and see their shoes got shoelace anot la! All Ahbeng mia shoes tarak shoelace wan! No bruff you! If you dont belif then u goan bet with Linpeh la!

Now since Ahbengs kenot tie shoelace, we kam out with this special magik show to give all Ahbeng chance to wear got lace mia shoes! After learning this Ahbeng will be able to wear all the shoes they want!! no more lace to tie! Just shake shake oni and your shoelace will tie itself wan!

Dun belif? Just watch this short short video clip then you will know!

Now ... you convinced yet? Which Ahbeng wanna learn fast fast get in touch with Jiunjie the upkambing Local Ahbeng Magician la!!!

I Lafu Yew too! But ....

If you are a blogger then you shud know what is a tag/meme/ .... if you derno yet, then its prolly you are not as popular as you think you are lol! Ok ok i m joking bout the popular part dont kill me ok?

Now, dun get me wrong .... I used to love tags ... then prolly bcoz i m gud with tags more n more peeple tag 9 me. Sometime got 5 tags a day! If everyday also got 5 tags then i mai hailats?? Lidat mai no nid blog ledi?

Actulee long long ago I alredi announce i no do tags but prolly bcoz i m not that popular, no wan read my announcement la! So what happened is nice peeple who lafu me (I lafu yew too!) keep tagging me.

You know i dem shy wan rite? If u derno then I m telling u now la! So i m dem shy ... No balls sommo! I dun dare to walk up to those loving peeple who tagged me and tell them i dun do tags anymore bcoz i sked they fark me upside down and say me lansi.

Anoder reason i dont do tags is becoz I m stupik! I kenot write properly if i m being restricted. It felt like a farking exams lidat! I ponteng skool also becoz of exams and now blogging also want to torture me lidat meh?!! Later I ponteng blogging how?

So to officially announce that i dont do tags anymore, I got this pwetty nice leli to help me with this Banner.

Nice leh?! its the wonderful work of Evie from evelynholic.blogspot.com Many thanks for her fantastic banner!

But, if got tags that have good cause or can help ppl or for charity purposes I will still do geh!!!

I lafu Yew too!!!

2 July 2007


Serious! Dont press the red button ok? Trust me! Dont press it! I no bruff you wan! You will regret if u pressed it!

I did! I pressed it! I dem regret ledi .... Thats why I put it here! so that you all will learn from my mistake and remind/train yourself not to press The Big Red Button!

Listen to me!! DONT PRESS!!!

See see? I warned u ledi U DUNWAN LISTEN!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!!

found this at BoBo's blog.

1 July 2007

How to tell if you have Overdose of Rojaks Daily?

If you are a shop owner/assistant and this is what u wrote on piece of paper to deter your customers from breaking your merchandise :

If my product BROCKEN, Chart (7) you full plice!

You definitely need to tone down your daily intake of Rojaks Daily ledi la!!! KAKAKAKAKAA!!!!

See what see? Chart 9 u full pLice gah!

Picture courtesy of CKYeo