9 July 2007

Dont Seperate a Woman from her Mom.

I tell you ... every farking year I also kena one wok Farking suey one! Last year was my dad mia heart problem but thanks god becoz of that i made lotsa new frends who helped me thru that awful days and now .. this year more big wok! My life is seriously upside down now ... then a frend come and tell me "just blog happy stuffs frend, when peeple read ledi happy ... u will be happy too!" I did just that .... tell me its funny ok?

There is this married guy who Q up long long to get his transformers movie ticket, after 45 minutes of Q-ing its finally his turn. He walked up to the ticket counter and said :

Man : 1 Ticket pulez.
Ticket Seller : Sir ... we have 2 more tickets left only, its even a twin seats and the 2 women behind you told me just now that they want twin seatings.
Man : Oh ... you mean the mother and doter whois Q-ing behind me?
Ticket Seller : Yes Sir, Sir ... if you dont mind, can I give you a ticket to the next show? You dont wanna seperate a doter from her mother do you?
Man : Oh no ... No sir, I done that once and I has been sorry ever since!

*Note : Seperate a mader from her doter means kahwin with her doter la! kahwin ledi take her away to your house mah! Understen?!


  1. Wingz, dun worry .. all ur post really entertain us .. haha ~~ but this post i read twice only understand .. hehe ..

  2. kn! hahaha
    wingz i bery willing let u seperate me from my mom!

  3. taikor Wingz ur post doesn't always need to be funny mixed up entries(family, outings , food stuff) also something that readable :).ur blog really something i read daily :)

  4. Wingz, your posts are entertaining and funny. I laugh alone in the office when I read your post like orang gila like that. I used to read Kennysia.com every morning when I turn on my laptop but now I read yours first and always forget Kennysia.com. So you got more power then Kennysia..

  5. Tai kor, you jokes sure furni lah, if not we all won't be returning here eberiday for your jokes lah!

    Btw, anything we can help?

  6. y nid to put that note there? kakakka

  7. I wish u all the best this year so that u have a good good year! I enjoy reading ur entries made me feel happy. So carry on what u do best. U have my total support! So one more time have a nice day!

  8. it took me a while to understand it until i read the fine blue print...:lol:

  9. But somehow will als be seperated keh........ it's somehow in the circle. We separete them then later, someone seperate ours, agree?

  10. HAHAHAHAHAAAA!! neh.. i laugh loud loud oredi!!

    got break your wok onot??

  11. I find that it is more satisfying to just seperate the daughter's left leg from her right let... Mahahaha...

  12. lol liddat also can... i need see ur p/s onli understand lor...

    and well try to cope up ok? even though i don't know what's happening but hey, you always make people happy, try to make yourself happy too ok? yeah of course it's hard... just try :)


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