17 July 2007

Senior Women Drivers

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At an Old Folks Home in Peejay several grandmas were complaining about how disfunctional their body is ....

Ahlian : I tell you hor ... my hands now no power ledi ... wanna hold this kopi mug for long also kenot.
Ahuei : Aiyah dont say you lar! I lagi worst leh! My eye sight are so bad i cant hardly see the kopi mug u r holding la!
Ahlian : Of coz u kenot see lar! I put down on the table ledi mah!
Ahuei : ohh ... no wonder la!!
Lulu : Eh you 2 still can walk still can move komplen so much ... I mau turn my head also kenot bcoz of my Fungsap (arthritis) I cant even turn my head you know?
Ahlian : Eh .. my high blood pressure also make my head pain like siao also u know?
Ahuei : I guessed thats the plice we gotta pay for growing old huh?
Lulu : Yea ... but thank god we all still can drive la!!!
Ahuei & Ahlian : Ya ya ya ya!

So you now know why KL so jam la?


  1. walau! again....
    one jarum poked and c blood...

    Yeah, I agree that most of the time KL jam like hell because of this!
    And what puking blood is...They dun care even u keep blast them with horn!!

  2. hahahahha

    eh kl oso got stupid uncle drivers..i go down the car walk oso faster than them drive! =P

  3. sexist! u babi! y all ladies but not man! ive seen apek tht drives like shit! i dont care!! insert a man there! xD

  4. i agree with huei and belle!!!

  5. woi!!! There are also bad men driver ok. Don't complaint about the old female driver leh. I support what huei and belle said. Why we ladies or female drive got blame always har? *take shoes ready to throw at man*

  6. Anonymous5:42 pm

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