6 July 2007

Ahlian's Descriptions of a Perfect Man

At a local kopitiam Ahlian and her fwens were sitting there blow water, this Ahlian also got the look also la, so she blow water and tell everyone what kinda man will make her lum and whats her descriptions of a Perfect man.

Ahlian : My man must be able to shine in the dark, he also must be able to play musical instruments and sing love songs to lum me, I want him to be able to tell jokes and make me luff like Rojaks Daily and most importantly .... he must love to stay home all night dun go out wan!

Ahlian mia fwens all pretend dem implessed with Ahlian's descriptions of her perfect man lar ... so ngam got one old leli also heard Ahlian blow water, that old leli beh than then tok loud loud lidis:

Old Leli : Ahlian, If thats what you want, you dont need a man la ... you oni need a TV!


  1. tv can be very pek chek sometimes leh! watch some shows really can kill ppl wan!! kakkaka

  2. hahah..tv can jokes like rojaks want in mangrish meh?

    Sometimes the tv is very boring talking history ....lol

  3. LOL, oh ya hor, shine in the dark.. kih kih kih... smart one.. ;)

  4. i just click through shakyfish to read your stuff...you have very funny way in your writing. I was laughing at some of the blogs...keep it up...

  5. I stumble through your block through one of the blogger "shakyfish". YOu have very funny way of writing. I was laughing at some of your comment eventhough you uses a lot of "vulgar words. Hahaha...Anyway, i'm still very new to this, maybe you can give me some of your comment about my blog and what i can improve. Hahaha...

  6. TV.. -_- no good mia! Raining mia time no more assthrow liow wor. If night night rain ah lian ma very ko lian?


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