26 July 2007

You Want How Long?

Ahbeng drive his son Ahock to Ahpek's hardware store to pick up some supplies to built a small shed beside their house.

When they arrived, Ahbeng said to Ahock ...

Ahbeng : Son, you go down look for Ahpek and tell him you want 4 batangs of 2" x 4" kayu.
Ahock : Ok ... just mention 2" x 4" kayu Ahpek will know ar?
Ahbeng : Yala! if derno then he no nid open hardware store liow la ... go go!
Ahock : ok ok ...

Ahock then walks into the hardware store to look for Ahpek ....

Ahock : Ahpek! my oldman send me to buy some of 2" x 4" kayu
Ahpek : ok! 2" x 4" kayu i got stock ... how many batangs you want?
Ahock : My oldman said 4 batangs
Ahpek : You want how long wan?
Ahock : Errr ... Ahpek u wait har ... i go ask my oldman 1st.

Ahock then dashed out to ask his dad .... from a distance Ahpek can see from his store windows that Ahbeng is scolding Ahock and not long after that Ahock is walking back to the hardware store again ...

Ahock : My oldman said "very long" ler ...
Ahpek : What you mean very long???!!
Ahock : My dad say you sampat wan ... we building a shed beside our house ... so we will need the kayu for a long long time ... lidat also u wanna ask??!!
Ahpek :


  1. No wonder AhPek always so tension la... LOL

  2. i oso tension...i tarak faham

  3. Si AhPek, Ahock already say 2" x 4" liao mah! Make Ahock kena scold only. AhPek close shop!

  4. what is kayu and lidat? I have been visiting my friend in Malaysia quite often but can't seem to know the full scale hokkien/malay. need help lah. dou long dou long!


  5. wat the crap...
    got 2 meanings LOL


  6. Ya! Ya!Ya! Ahpek sampat cum siau liau. hehehe........

  7. kayu = wood
    lidat = like that

    btw ahpek sky keep you la!!!

  8. LMAO...so freaking funny. You da man!!! BTW, I used to have a 2"x4" of about 4' long in my car in case I get stuck in mud or snow.


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