3 July 2007

I Lafu Yew too! But ....

If you are a blogger then you shud know what is a tag/meme/ .... if you derno yet, then its prolly you are not as popular as you think you are lol! Ok ok i m joking bout the popular part dont kill me ok?

Now, dun get me wrong .... I used to love tags ... then prolly bcoz i m gud with tags more n more peeple tag 9 me. Sometime got 5 tags a day! If everyday also got 5 tags then i mai hailats?? Lidat mai no nid blog ledi?

Actulee long long ago I alredi announce i no do tags but prolly bcoz i m not that popular, no wan read my announcement la! So what happened is nice peeple who lafu me (I lafu yew too!) keep tagging me.

You know i dem shy wan rite? If u derno then I m telling u now la! So i m dem shy ... No balls sommo! I dun dare to walk up to those loving peeple who tagged me and tell them i dun do tags anymore bcoz i sked they fark me upside down and say me lansi.

Anoder reason i dont do tags is becoz I m stupik! I kenot write properly if i m being restricted. It felt like a farking exams lidat! I ponteng skool also becoz of exams and now blogging also want to torture me lidat meh?!! Later I ponteng blogging how?

So to officially announce that i dont do tags anymore, I got this pwetty nice leli to help me with this Banner.

Nice leh?! its the wonderful work of Evie from evelynholic.blogspot.com Many thanks for her fantastic banner!

But, if got tags that have good cause or can help ppl or for charity purposes I will still do geh!!!

I lafu Yew too!!!


  1. mahai, you so popular oredi sure no nid to tags anymore lor.

  2. uncle, can borrow the image ah?

  3. Got you. You say kah, if charity one, you will do har? I promise I will not tag you anymore but I will still you you lafu me. hahaha

  4. i wonder if this will bring u more "tag" haha popular liow


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