19 July 2007

Lawyers Playing Poker

3 Loyars (Ahbeng, Ahock and Richard) were playing poker on a Sunday afternoon.

Ahock : I win!! I WIN!!!
Richard : Kanneh!!! againnn??!!!
Ahbeng : KENOT BE!!! you cheating??!!
Richard : How you know Ahock cheating?
Ahbeng : I m the dealer! I know what kinda card i gave him la!!

hahaha!! joking oni hor! loyars are actually very nice person lei geh! Dun belif you ask pablopabla la!


  1. Oh yes, we are very nice people wan. We help deal with people's problem...paypal accepted ;)

  2. Black eats black! I want my money back!
    And gay is gay since she went away
    Oh oh, what can I do, cause i, Im feeling boo...

  3. Nice people also can be cunning mah..............

  4. I heard the Devil divides ppl into 2 groups when they are in Hell.
    Sinners and lawyers. Hahahahaa!!!


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