4 July 2007

Ahbeng Take Exams

Ahbeng wasnt born very smart so he was sent to under privilaged skool.

After almost a year studying in the under privilaged skool he kena take his final exams ledi, becoz of the nature of their brain system .... their exams is actually very easy one.

Just answer "true or false" but still, since this is the first time Ahbeng is taking an exams he very no confident, he told his oldman lidis :

Ahbeng : I no confident the exams la .. i sked i derno how to answer
Fader : Son dont worry leh! very easy only just choose one answer from the 2 choice they give you.
Ahbeng : What if i derno the answer? then how to choose? I kenot leh!
Fader : Ah! that one easy la! u bring one coin into the exam hall with you.
Ahbeng : Coin? buy what?
Fader : no no ... coin got 2 sides one ma!
Ahbeng : ya ...
Fader : u flip the coin, if its head then the answer is True, if tail then the answer is False.
Ahbeng : Lidat also can?
Fader : Can! Last time Fader also use this method wan!
Ahbeng : Ok I trust u Fader.

A few days after that Ahbeng sitting for the test that time he took out his coin and start flipping for every questions. Within 35 minutes he finished all 60 questions ledi, he put the coin back into his pocket.

After he finished he lepak there and look left look right ... then he suddenly remembered something his Tcher told him.

Ahbeng took out the coin from his pocket again and start flipping but this time as he flips he starting rubbing off some of the answers also. As there are only less than 20 minutes left Ahbeng paniced and hes flipping the coin like crazy.

In seing this, the Examiner thot Ahbeng is unwell and decided to check up on him ...

Examiner : Ahbeng you ok anot? Whats happening to you ar? Why you like so kancheong lidat wan?
Ahbeng : Sir ... just now i finished all my questions ledi wan.
Examiner : Then what are you doing now?
Ahbeng : I remember my Tcher said "after finish must recheck your answers"
Examiner : Yes thats correct, then what are you doing now?
Ahbeng : Sir ... I m rechecking my answers now lor.


  1. that's how u do ur exams ar? kakka

  2. Actually last time I use to do this also except I use eraser mah! But I pray pray very very hard to a lot of god to help me in my ezame & give me the correct answer when I throw the eraser.

  3. siaooO!!
    probability to get back answer damn IMPOSSIBLE.. lol
    good luck beng

  4. sure die la....next time use dice.

  5. Wahahahahahaha!!!!!! Siao ah?

  6. hahaha i did that before! ...flip dice for ABCD question leh hahaha ...whistling**...quite high marks


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