6 July 2007

Aid for Suicidals

Suicidal, thats the word that will appear in one's mind when they are facing lots n lotsa problems.

I belif almost everyone also thot suiciding before, its human nature to be lazy and when faced with lots n lotsa problems we tend to take the easiest/shortcut way to solve it.

I always wonders ... how many shits a person can take before he gathered enough courage to actually do it?

Yes ... I m almost there myself. I cant seems to find the answers to all those questions in my head now but there is one thing that i m certain of ... if its not because of this song, i would be fucking dead by now.

No, this is not a joke and Yes ... the next time u r feeling suicidal ... listen to this song, it seriously helps to keep you alive! I WILL SURVIVE!!


  1. i will survive!!! yeah!!! rock baby rock!!!

  2. Nice inspiring song!! anyone heard the diff kind of negaraku by a johor guy? try search at youtube..


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