3 July 2007

Hand Soap Dispenser for Export

If you are asking me, I would say that the most important dispensers among all is the handsoap dispenser.

Toilet is actually a very unhygienic place filled with bacterias and viruses, right after we finish doing our business we will inevitably proceed to wash our hands.

Have you experience damaged handsoap dispenser that cant dispense any soap for you to clean your hand? Can you imagine how it feel like if you do not managed to wash your hands with proper soap after to done going to the toilet?

Vertex Century is one of the top hand soap dispensers manufacturer in this region, their soap dispenser are of high quality and also widely used in washrooms, toilet and restrooms across the country.

One of their best seller would be SD1000 hand soap dispensers, this 1 liter bulk fill dispenser are known for its versatility and rigidness, rated a favourite Soap dispenser among the hygiene service provider all over the world. Replaceable heavy duty spring pump that will last for years to make your investment pays itself.

If bulk fill spring pump soap dispenser is not your cup of tea, then you should go for this SD800 Handsoap Dispenser. Sturdy streamline design that matches every toilet interior with ease, armed with a replaceable heavy duty rubber tube as a mean to dispense soaps makes this unit very easy to operates. If you would like to use bag-in-a-box then simply remove the soap reervoir and replace it with the soap in a box.