5 July 2007

Faremiao Dinner

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Actually its madness if you goan eat stimbot now, you know how hot izzit recently? To make it worst ... we sommo got this annual haze present from our neighbour Indon. 30 C goan eat stimbot is like having dinner in a sauna! If not bcoz of that Pennypupz (the one whois leaving forUK/ faremiao dinner la!) said she wanna eat stimbot I really fark her no free la!!!

Sunway is not a frendly place to go to after 5pm ok? I got stuck in that freaking jam in front of Sunway for 1 farking hour!!! ONE HOUR!!! I can goto PD in one hour you know?!!! Next time who do gathering in Sunway again you sure kena diu by me wan!!!

Lulu the mamasan

Mamasan kena rush ... reporter taking pikture, mamasan hide face!

Who turned up?? Ngam ngam one table! But of coz being chinese sure got come late one la! Becoz we dem hungry ledi we tarak main wait wait wan ledi, we see .. we like .. we sapu!! Buffet Stimbot mah! is lidat one la!

Amazing Suanie, Kidchan and Nick

Kimchi, Scott and beerbotol

But i smart .. I sit down wait for them to go take food, when they kambek i help them eat! LOL! Buden i kena curse till upside down for doing that, kanneh! I help them test whether got poison anot also kenot!

Then when i go for a puff with Kenny and Penny (MCH Kenny n Penny ... wonder why they never dated each others b4 lol) , I kambek that time ... my plate fulla rubbish!! those farkers taste ledi not nice all chuck to me! Cilaka! Where got peeple go buffet stimbot take vege wan?!! Vege dem cheap la oi! Take meat la! fishballs is cheap also! Take beef!!! n crabs!!! n prawns!!! n Lalas!!! Take vege rugi kasar la!!! diu!

Kenny and his New age DSLR with transparent lense!

Dont ask ... you dont wanna know what is this suppose to be ok?

Seriously, there is nothing to shout about the food and the atmosphere also so-so, but the company were the best! As usual we are the loudest among all the table and being the bloggers as we are .... they camwhored to the max la! (they means except me ok?)


  1. Yes, that place damn HOT but so am I. Mahahaha...

  2. Haha... see if any wanna copyright my new DSLR camera or not? We charge them kaw kaw! You be my manager ok? Set!

  3. EH EH EH!!! mana that kawaii picture!!!! and cis.
    you MAY be hot.

    but i am hot-er.

  4. Wah!!! What a fun time you guys have. Never mind, this Saturday I am having lunch with some ladies. My old kawan. Going to kepo with each other things - works, kids, family, people we see, any new boyfriends we meet (oops) and etc etc..... I love gathering. Next time invite me mah......

  5. lisan,

    I don't think you can beat the way I sweat! That's no way you can be hot-er!



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