1 July 2007

Hello Kitty Airline - The Making Video

I post about Hello Kitty Craze - Eva Air Hello Kitty Airline, that article were picked up by Hello Kitty Fans all over the world, following that ... I found a video documenting the entire "the making of Eva Air Hello Kitty Airline Proccess" To which I m sure Hello Kitty Fans around the world would appreciate.

On the other hand, I was asked a couple of times by my readers as to whether there is such a thing as Hello Kitty Airline or not, the Answer is YES there is really such an airline.

The first Hello Kitty airlplane is flying from Taiwan to Tokyo, Fukuoka since Nov 2005 and one year after the launch of the first Hello Kitty Airplace they came out with a second plane, the second plane flies to Nagoya, Osaka and Sendai - Click HERE to see the prove (Note : website is available in chinese & Japanese only).

Unfortunately I m not able to read chinese nor japanese or else I might be able to find out how much it cost to fly in one of these plane. Maybe those who can read chinese can explore the website and tell us how much does it cost to fly in one of these Hello Kitty Planes?

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