8 July 2007


NO NO!!! not jangan bogel!!! Jangan Togel la! What is jangan Togel? Like you all, first first I also thot its Bogel but then I see see the ad … its by NIKE wor! Takan Nike put Bogel rite anot? Then I see clearly only know its Togel.

TOGEL?? What the hell is Togel? I also dunno what is Togel also la! So the more I see this ad on the top of my blog the more curious I got. That bloody ad is like seducing me like that you know?!

Finally all my will power gone case, I clicked on the Jangan Togel Nike ad, I die die also wanna know what is this new word call Togel! If its manglish then how come I don’t know?! I demand to know!

First thing you see after you clicked on the Jangan Togel ad is a short anime clip of some Ahbeng Ali and Amuru playing football, the clip is short but damn suspense! If you like watching Shaolin Soccer then you would definitely like this short clip, no bluff you one!

After the short clip you will learn get to learn the real meaning of the word Togel, What does Togel means? You wanna know? You really really wanna know? Go find out yourself la! Go ahead, click on the Jangan Togel Nike Ad … you know you want to!

Other than learning what Togel means actually the website also very nice, the concept itself is one thing and the features, freebies and navigation also chun!

One thing you will notice when you start exploring the Jangan Togel website is that, the presence of Malaysian essence in it. Along the site you can see multiple characters with speech bubbles saying things like “Going to lose already lah!”, “Ceh! Tutup mata aku pun boleh buat” and “Boss the tarik satu!” if you don’t notice you might think you got into another Rojaks Daily site!

Did I tell you that this site got autoscroll feature? No nid to use page up and down, just have to move your mouse to left or right! Itu saja! Leaving you with plenty of finger power to explore the whole website. Cool anot?

There are a few feature that you ought to pay attention to :

Jangan Togel Film, which should be showing a few episode of short film but unfortunately at the time of this article the screen which was suppose to show the film was showing the words “Akan Datang”. So, I cant tell you the film is nice or not. Tough you might wanna check it out later because they might have uploaded the first episode by then.

Jangan Togal Theme Song and lyric, personally I think the song they played when they are showing the intro that time dem rock, the name of the song is “My Generation and its by Sevencollar t-shirt” and if you like that song you can download it from this place or you can pick up a cd from Nike outlet in Midvalley also! BEST!

Don’t say I no tell you!

The Downloads section is my favorite hangout place in this site. In here macam macam ada! First lemme tell you what happened if u click on that “Magazine kiosk”.

You will be greeted by this hansem mamak dozing off to the background of Hindustan music playing thru some broken speaker! LOL! Dem classic I tell you!!!

And its in here you can find macam macam ada! Got screensaver, got wallpaper for your desktop, got mobile wallpaper for your handphones, got ringtones for your handphones and the best part of all … They got this bloody happening sci-fi football Jangan Togel comic that you can download in pdf format!!!

Lemme show you a small screenshot of the comic and you tell me got chun anot.

How Chun anot?

This Nike Jangan Togel site macam macam ada! Mana mau cari?! If football is your kinda game, then u definitely gotta pay them a visit!

By the way … You know what does Togel means anot? Go find out la! What you waiting for? Christmas ar?

This is an Advertorial Powered by Nike and Nuffnang


  1. first!!!!
    can get the CD from ss2's 7-11 shop oso. but not nice la the song..not my taste..

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    why is everybody writting the same post on this nike add. no idea huh. ok ok it is good, but get a new story la. maybe something on global warming or my butt... hihi. chill rojak. joking ha.

  3. @-o got cd one ah... now onli i know haha. i also see liao lor... wrote something bout it liao, bt not sponsored one lar... hahahaha


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