16 July 2007

RM2 Hair Cut

There is this new barber in town that is offering the new RM2 hair cut package to lure new customers. He even have this big big Sign outside of his shop saying.

Ahbeng on the other hand has been operating his hair saloon in the same neighbourhood for the past 12 years ledi, and this RM2 hair cut package really upset him la.

So he go bek home that day to tok to Ahlian (his wife) about it ....

Ahbeng : Kanneh!!! got one new shop open wanna challenge my business!
Ahlian : Calm down Ahbeng! Calm down!! Think of what you have that he dont?
Ahbeng : OH! other thing i derno but this one I sure know wan!
Ahlian : Good ler! then tomlo u goan advertise big big in front of our shop and tell ppl what is your advantages ok?
Ahbeng : Ok! tenkiu loupor!

One day after that This sign can be clearly seen in front of Ahbeng's Shop :


  1. Haha... that mean after cut the RM2 from next door then to AhBeng's shop to fix it?

  2. Wah if RM 2 there cut botak liow, ah beng there how to fix leh? use karerful wig??

  3. does that means u fix their problem lo hor? hahaha rm2 hair repair :P

  4. Afro wig can fix any hairstyle problem!

  5. OKie......impressive......

    Never expect Ah Beng so smart wan....

    Hou geng ahh!! Liddat also can..

  6. hahahha

    so which one u work in?

  7. RM2 I think better not... :P

  8. Rm2! So cheap! I want to try. Botak also can! Have a nice day.

  9. RM2? Aiyoh, takut loh. Sure ppl see also cabut one. hehehe

  10. RM2 so cheap. All use recycle items, no wash, no blow etc My haircut now cots me RM33.00. Lots of savings, me gonna try. :)

  11. kenny : haha yar ended up more expensip la!

    rabbit : if cut botak then untung lar! cut more pay less!

    poonky : oi not me la! me not ahbeng la!

    han : even can fix pony tail like urs ar?

    guaisaujai : can laaa

    huei : which one u gonna patron?

    the bimbo : now ekonomi meleset wor!!! jimat cermat wei!

    horny : botak is cheaper

    erina : cabut? u meaa instead of cutting the will pull your hair out one ar?

    flsam : hahaha they gonna sell your hair to make wig ... subsidised by that u can get RM2 haircut lor

  12. RM 4 for 2 haircut, hmm... very impressive. where is da shop arr???


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