29 July 2007

How to Make ABC at Home

If u derno yet ... ABC stands for Air Batu Campur, in yingrish it means mixed shaved ice lol!

I learnt how to make ABC at home today, thanks to this "device/gadget" i bought at RM2 shop long long ago. I dug it out from the bottom of the kitchen cabinet today and I thot since i never used it before why dont have some fun with it rite? At least if it dont work then can throw ledi la! lol

This is how the thing looks like .....

Kinda ugly/cute rite? the color is definitely fugly la ... purpur kaler sial ...

Then you opened it up you can see there is a blade in there to shave the ice, kinda like the sharpener we used to use during the good ol days ....

Then u kasi masuk all the ice cubes innit, close the lid and start cranking the knob (the thing that looks like a mushroom one la!)

Then after u cranked till half dead baru you see abit shaved ice kam out .... This is how the shaved ice looks like ... dem pro looking for a manual RM2 machine lol!

Nah let u see the shaved ice up close la ... how? leng mou?

Then after i made all those ice only i realised i dont have kacang and canned corn and red beans and i dont even have rose syrup nor evaporated milk!!! .... so i ended up making ice blended Laibeenah la!!!

I think I can go sell ice blended drink in pasar malamn with this machine liao ... neh those bubble tea thingy .... u think can anot ar?


  1. i'll be your first customer ok arr?

  2. CANNOT!!!!!! BOOOO!!!

    But hire a few indon maids help u screw, err I mean pusing those machines for you first lah..If not sure you pusing until tangan patah!!!!

  3. boss, ice kacang takmau ice satu please!

  4. chey.. i tot got ice kacang tim...

  5. Boss, ais kacang tambah ais & kacang............ 20 mangkuk.

  6. rm2 woh!where get wan..i wanna buy!!
    but...erm..yr laibenah like..nothing la WHAHAHAHHhahah xD

  7. wah , si beh chun man!!! can beat CBTL anytime!!!

  8. okla..u go open shop in pasar malam then put one big big sign there 'FREE FOR ALL ROJAKS READERS'


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