28 July 2007

Tai Thong Promo special Set Menu

Tai Thong is having is special set menu promotion, a 6 course meal only for RM10.80 per head! Mana mau cari?!!!

Many thanks to my sis for bringing us there for dinner and also to celebrate my younger brader mia birthday and also paying the bills la!

Sis, Bro, Ma & Pa

Tai Thong Spesel Menu Set

Set D, RM108.80 for 10 paxs

The varieties/choices of dishes you can choose from ... phuuhhhhhh!!!

erm .. ignore this pic

Shark fin!! Glorious shark fin!! (fake fins la! we dont eat real fins wan!)

Dragen!!! Kenot eat wan ... for deco oni

Cripsy skin chicken with prawn crackers

Derno what fish

Deep fried prawn in batter

Chinese Tempura prawn!!! Yummy!

Vegetarian dish

Longevity noodle a.k.a. WANTAN MEEN!!!


Food wise its Tai Thong ... how bad can it be rite? Price wise ... MANA MAU CARI??!!!

What you waiting for? Chinese New Year ka? Faster goan book yourself a table la! RM10.80 per pax only for a 6 course authentic chinese dinner! Makdonald also cost more la!


  1. Let's go!!! We go makan n tok kok!

  2. got so cheap anot!! don kuan me woh!!!

  3. i like that crispy chicken skin and harpeng :) sedapp

  4. Wah! Looks like you discovered Tai Thong mia special promo!! I went back Ipoh and took my parents to Tai Thong coz it was my mom's birdday mah. See see they dun have the same promo, but I got a better deal! I ordered 1 whole Peking duck and a set dinner, and the bill came up to less than RM 60! Believe it or not?? The duck was heavenly lor, and the crepes used to wrap the fatty duck mia skin was yumyumyum!! Hehe!

    Come, go Ipoh Tai Thong!

  5. sifffu. suddenly show me apasal. want me spend isit? dont lah. Dale is asking me to spend you and all because i haven jum char yet!

  6. Time for bloggers' Tai Tong meet? Haha...

  7. that is damn good value, i hungry looking at the foods!

  8. Aiyoh!!! So many good food. Me hungry liau

  9. Wantan meen again?!! *faintsss*

  10. ɥɐl ɹǝʇʇǝq sı pooɟ ƃuɐuǝd
    If I go KL sure visit Tai Thong

  11. wow...it looks tasty! yammmmm...

  12. *drooling for the food* ..
    yumyum ~~

  13. err... is this another ReviewMe post from Lojak???

  14. Is this a PPP or wat? :S

  15. next time cari you go eat there ah!!

  16. kenny ng : JOM!!

    belle : ngak lu kau lan meh? got phone number one mah u all n find out la

    poonky : itu chicken lu cecah garam assam best!

    pinky : ipoh tai thong? naik bus go or u fetch us go?

    lisan : oi when u mau blanja us la?

    civilian unit : jom!!! ajak nick skali!

    wuching : yar bardee dem 9 cheap!!

    erina : faitit kam down we bring u go if u blanja us! lol

    lehbit : wantan meen rawks!!!

    omg : if u kam kl u blanja me i bring u go la!

    yeenee : tasty leh?!

    sheer : u stay kl also mah .. no nid drool geh! just go oni!

    gasoon : rediume or rebiume?

    cheeky : haha how i wish its a ppp lol

    tux : when u kambing bek? make it fast! i derno i can last that long anot! lol

  17. Wah....wah....so big.....really big...

    "Hou dai jek Gap Lah" hopping over the street ahh!!!

  18. see see seee!!! sifu bully me want me cheng liao. haha.


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