3 July 2007

Ahbeng Magic Show

Leli and Genitalmen,

Rojaks Daily welokam lu suma today to our premier/free/pasar malam magik show featuring our Resident Magician Ahbeng Juinjie!!

This Ahbeng Eat full nothing to do follow me cari makan performing in pasar malam wan! Today we is gonna teech lu how to tie a shoelace without touching it.

Why shoelace? bcoz its natural for Ahbeng not to know how to tie a shoe lace wan! You dont belif ar? You goan find all your Ahbeng frends and see their shoes got shoelace anot la! All Ahbeng mia shoes tarak shoelace wan! No bruff you! If you dont belif then u goan bet with Linpeh la!

Now since Ahbengs kenot tie shoelace, we kam out with this special magik show to give all Ahbeng chance to wear got lace mia shoes! After learning this Ahbeng will be able to wear all the shoes they want!! no more lace to tie! Just shake shake oni and your shoelace will tie itself wan!

Dun belif? Just watch this short short video clip then you will know!

Now ... you convinced yet? Which Ahbeng wanna learn fast fast get in touch with Jiunjie the upkambing Local Ahbeng Magician la!!!


  1. hahahha

    reverse the video??

  2. Can't fool everyone. This trick can be bought from internet. Cheers

  3. Hahaha, tipu tuh...

  4. thank you for posting, im not good anyway, still got alot more to learn...

  5. tipu! how u do it!
    video editing?


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