27 July 2007

What Ahbeng Discovered and What Ahlian Invented

In this world got ppl discover stuffs and got ppl invent stuffs ... lets look at how it affect our lives in today's world.

Ahbeng discovered weapons, invented hunting.
Ahlian discovered hunting, invented furs.

Ahbeng discovered colors, invented painting.
Ahlian discovered painting, invented make-up.

Ahbeng discovered speech, invented conversation.
Ahlian discovered conversation, invented gossip.

Ahbeng discovered agriculture, invented food.
Ahlian discovered food, invented diet.

Ahbeng discovered friendship, invented love.
Ahlian discovered love, invented marriage.

Ahbeng discovered trade, invented money.
Ahlian discovered money and Ahbeng has never recovered.

The 2 deadly traps us Ahbeng kenot escape wan ... marriage and money ... jialat! Mana mau lari??!! lol


  1. eh! men got diet oso wan!

  2. man discovered sex and invented intercourse
    woman discovered intercourse and invented headache

  3. walauuuu... u sure ahlian discovered marriage 1??? sure bor?!?!?! i dun think so loh!!!

  4. lin peh discovered tok3tok4 and lim peh discovered piao mei!!

  5. Haha... luckily I'm not married yet


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