31 December 2008

Macro Lense for Sony Alpha A200 - Pheonix AF 100mm f/3.5 Macro Lens

The first lense I shopped for after i got my Alpha 200 is the macro lense. I love macro photos most of all its bcoz of the amount of details a macro photo contains that always amazed me.

Lucky for me I found a forum that talks about all Sony Alphas DSLR stuffs! from DIY, how-tos and the even have this buy n sell (second hand la!) section for stingy basket like me to shop from!

For Alphas DSLRs users in Malaysia you have to go to this forum or else you derno what you missing (I might regret for posting this bcoz later got alot more ppl rebut to buy cheap lense with me in the forum ledi .. but good things must share wan mah!) http://www.alphanatics.com

At first glance, macro photography is dem 9 expensive wan ... particularly the macro lenses. If you buy Sony ori mia lense that one no nid i tell u also u know its gonna be dem kaw ledi la ... then other than that you got a choice of those 3rd party lense like Sigma, Tamron, Cosina which are suppose to be cheaper! BUT .... cheaper doesnt mean its very affordable also rite anot?

Price is actually is no.1 reason that did not managed to get myself a Macro lense untill recently ... within the forum i found one fler selling a Pheonix 100mm f/3.5 macro lense (nebermin if u derno wtf is 100mm n f/3.5 .... dun herd your blen ok? at first i also derno wtf is 100mm f/3.5 is also ... so we are at par and u r definitely not smarter than me! kakakaka!!! ) at a very very affordable price and after consult Sifu Ahbert I go ahead and purchased it.

Ladies and genitalmen my first (2nd hand) Macro lense!

Pheonix 100mm f/3.5 macro lense

This is the backside

This is the front hole lol! those flapp thingy is called blades ok? not pisau! Its blades!

Technical stuffs of this lense

Diameter 68.5mm
Length 68.5mm
Weight 307g - 10.8 oz
Filter Size 49mm
Maximum Aperture f/3.5
Minimum Aperture f/22
Groups/Elements 4/5
Angle of View 24°
Macro Magnification Ratio 1:2
With Macro Adaptor 1:1
Minimum Focusing Distance 42.6 cm - 1.4 ft

Last time .. long long ago in China ... got one smartass basket said lidis "its doesnt matter if the cat is black or white ... as long as the cat knows hot to catch mice then its a good cat" .. this means seconda hand stuffs does not necessarily means its not good can?! If you no pahwer ... give u pahwerfool lens also no use can?!

I refused to briff that photography is about how much you spend on a piece of equipment rather i would wanna briff that photography is how well you use your equipments. Its human use equipments NOT equipments use human la!

At this time of this article i alredi abused the lense kaw kaw ledi ... cincai cincai tutup mata count also at least taken 3000 photos with this lense edi ... and one thing i must say ... I really dem 9 shiok/happy with this lens la!!! Hou lan song ah!

TO be honest this lense auto focus is not as snappy as those expensip brands and the the auto focus is also kinda "geary" ... u can hear the gear moving like old robot tarak change oil lidat wan Buden! even if the lens auto focus is perfect and the noise dem chun but if kenot take chun photos ... whats the use?! Its like i gibe lu a farking keng chow chinese sword ... but u derno how to chinese kungfu wan! LOL! Apart from that ... this lense is super kaw! Leehly no komplen edi ... sommo so dem 9 affordable (ok la ok la its cheap la! affordable is only a nicer wa to put it la!)

Ok la ... dunwan tok kok ledi ... later i tok dip dip then u Ahbengs will think dip dip then will herd all Ahbeng's blen then no nice la ... i let u all see piktures la leng mou?

Tamago sushi with Sakura flavoured sugar on top (pink kaler wan leh!)

one of the few locomotive being displayed at the Hilton PJ

Very soon all my pets will turn into CAMWHORES ledi!!! My hamster so cute can die ok?!

My dog also dem camwhore ledi ...

Ok .. this kerangs is not my pet ... altho i once thot of keeping kerang as pet but I was only 6 then!

Yea ... i sometime like to pretend high krass by drinking engrish tea that i kenot even pronounce the name one! lidat oni high krass ma!

Carlsberg!!! Cheng ah!!!

Never once i thot tungku (mushroom) would look so nice in photo wan!

Miniature Xmas tree at Hilton PJ

Miniature Mehlee GO lound

miniature derno how to describe

miniature figurines getting mehlid ...

miniature locomotive passing by a town

miniature street light

miniature aunty & uncle doing somthing

Leng mm leng?!

28 December 2008

I Love Clouds

I love clouds and I hope you do too .... If not then you PYT la! LOL!

According to a an Ahlian Air stewardess I know ... ppl like me are called clouds fetish ... i thot fetish is oni related to SM oni? no?

Its sunday la! no nid ask so much wan ... just sit back n relax ok? who want go yumchar can call me la! I dem free tomolo!

In the meantime enjoy these clouds piktures i took few weeks ago la ....

The force of nature is undeniably the most powderful in the world!!! can create pweety pwetty things like clouds wan!

25 December 2008

Sunset at Corus Port Dickson

I love to take photographs/pigchers but i refused to be call a photographer .... i m more like a emo pigcher taker instead of a photographer lol

I take photo ikut mood wan ... tarak ikut law mia ... tarak set ini set itu ... half haour later oni can take 1 pigcher .. that i m not ... i m just a crazy basket who loves to pless the shutter buttons and this is the results of my trigger-happiness ...

mau hujan?

maybe ...

Maybe not

Lagoon @ Corus hotel

kokonat three lif

reminds me of Dubai

9 paws print on the sand

Fei kei

Fei Kei - MAS

Jetski .... where?




Golden beach





Hamdan Yoke

Hamdan Yoke going home sleep edi ....

I so wanna stay there foreva n eva n eva n evaaaaaa!!!!