6 December 2008

Car Service is a Family Affair

One thing about buying yapunise car is .... u kena send back to their own serbis center to service and u kena wait long long wan! so instead of kambing here on a regular weekday ... i purposely made it on a weekend and dragged the whole family here to let them feel how torturing it is to wait for the car to be ready! lol

Hontah! Pahwer of Dlims! or Hontah! Dlims of Ahbengs!! RAWR!!!

Yea this little basket is 100% a camwhore ledi ... knn thanks to his oldman me la!

We go makan at the kopitiam next to the Hontah service center while waiting for our car to be ready. 3 hours passed by and we are still here ... sigh .. Pahwer of dlims konon ... MCH i never dlim about waiting this long befoh also!!!

Lil Devil eating expensip maggi mee ... they changed the name .. called it Nissin mee and charge u an arm n a leg for it ... toking about branding huh?

Of coz they got put some additional cheap stuffs in there one la ... like luncheow luncheon meat and a few strands of vege n egg lidat ... all that for RM5.60! niahma ... u kam my house i serve u the same thing for RM2.50 want?

Lil Devil going high tech ... we begin to let him touch electronics games this year ... at the age of 6 its quite late ... I purposely one ... at least hes not a game junky la lol .... i think my plan is actually werking!!! nyek nyek nyek ....

How do you tell if the whole family is a tech junkies?


the dad got a umpc ... latest one sommo! the mum got a kickass handphone and reads her newspaper with handphone one ... finally the kid also wecking nitendo non stop .... that is a sign of tech junkies family! lol

ok nearly 4 hours ledi ... i wanna go over to hontah serbis center and see my car is ready anot ... if not .... i wanna start farking someone ledi!!!


  1. RM2.50??u say one ok!i come next year!

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    eh. u servis ur car at old klang load?

  3. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Manyak hitech lar. U use MSI wind kan? Can see from the blur mark. :)

  4. Rojaks, why don't you get yr lil' Devil a Pee Ass 3 by the time he's 12? That time I think gawt pilated games

  5. YikYang : nx yer recessionED liow ... naik harga edi la!

    wils0n : not old klang road ... this one Tmn Midah

    surfnux : phuiyo! lidat also u can cam! terror lu bro! memang notebook expert la!

    Maccaroni : hahaha no nid wait 12 la ... he alredi PS2 expert ledi .. next time i show u piktures

  6. Anonymous11:47 pm

    wahlau~ ur honda looks new le~ LOL! where's your house? If i got work nearby i go there eat the maggie mee la. RM2.50 rite? got drinks included or not?

  7. Wah rao, ask him enter Championship Gaming Series lah. Got leng luis as refilee oh..... and also got leng lui gamers.

  8. "Pahwer of dlims konon ... MCH i never dlim about waiting this long befoh also!!!"



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