4 December 2008

You think you got Balls?

This is the reason i been Missing in Action .... I was busy in Kuwakchai.com

The new round in Kuwakchai just started! This new round is call Kuwakchai Chow Kit Road!

What is kuwakchai.com?

The first Ahbeng Text based game in Mareysia!!!

Kuwakchai.com is a browser text based game that you play the role of a kuwakchai (chinese term for gangsta) and you weck each other silly and you made lotsa fwens by the end of the day.

The best part is .... its free to play! No nid to bayar subscriptions one but thats not all you know?! The last round winner, She walked away with RM1,837.00 in Cash!!!

Yes! The winner of last round kuwakchai is a girl!!! A GIRL you know?!!! Out of 7000+ registered players and they all lost to a GIRL!!! KANNEH!!! you guys all no balls ledi izzit?!!!

Play FREE but got cash prize to win!!! Game lidis MANA MAU CARI WEI?!!

Below is some of the game features ....

  • Mareysia Biggest Text Based MMORPG Game
  • No nid to download big big program to play .... just use your browser oni
  • 7000+ registered players
  • Can weck ppl like siao but wont kena throw in real lokap
  • Can make ur dlim of bekambing a kuwakchai come true
  • Can kill peeple without getting your hands dirty
  • Can Kau luis
  • Can kau chais
  • Can scold ppl mader/fader/aunties/relatives/anchestors
  • Can collect Ploteksyen fees
  • Can bekam AhLong!
  • Can bekam Taikor Tai!
  • Can kiukai for free!
  • Can travel to many many cities
  • Can own guns without lisen
  • Can c4 9 your enemy if you boh song them
  • You tired of kena bully in real life and wanna regain some respect?
  • You got fetish of stealing panty but dont have the balls to do it in real life?
  • You got the Taikor quality but no chance to display it?
  • You got Fierce look but ppl think u r just plain FUGLY?
  • Your life too boring and peaceful ledi and you think you need enemies?
  • You want to sapot Mareysia 1st Ahbeng game?
If you like what you read so far ... then Kuwakchai is the game for you!
  • No complicated graphics!
  • No nid to have powderful computer to play!
  • No sound one!
  • You curi curi play during opis hour also no one know!
  • Can play with handphone also!
  • FREE to play!!!
  • Got Prize to win wan!!!
So you think you got balls? Kam register HERE! Register ledi look for me! I m Kapitan Wingz [1128] ... i will guide you bcoz u is Ahbeng! I not Ahlong! I just want Tolong! LOL!

Total Registered Players 7537 peeplessss

Total players online 95

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So? Got Balls anot lu?!


  1. wah. there's such a game like this that ever exist .. haha interesting.

  2. my blog is thereeeee!!ahahaha!

  3. Wah, steal panties also kena lokap, susah loh.

  4. so u play kuwakchai, when accompany ur wife go saloon la?


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