8 December 2008

AhBengs Racing Training Skool

In one of my recent post .... got one fler call Maccaroni boy asked me to let Little Devil play PS3 and groom him into a Pro-Gamer ... little does he know that ... that is alredi a work in progress!

Buden ... PS3 we no money to buy la ... so no choice we kena settle for PS2 la!

Every weekend after dinner the training session start. Big Devil (me) vs Little Devil ... this fler when i not at home will bug 9 his mum to let him plektis ... when his mum asked him why wanna play PS2? his reason is "I want to win Ahpa"

2 Sets of Wheels

We got 2 sets of wheels, one for him (red kaler auto one) and mine is manual with left hand gear stick and handbrake lever (Bulu kaler manual Pro version)

Lil Devil Feberet Car is Hontah NSX (MR), Toyota AE86 (Takumi's Taufu car in Innital D & Project D animation series) and Mazda RX7 FD (FR) but when he race with me he will use Hontah NSX instead of Rx7 ... I never ask him why.... he prolly is intimidated by my Nissan 350Z FR (track car) or Subaru Imprezza WRX Type "R" (4WD).

Can see Lil Devil's Hontah NSX anot?

We tried playing Need for Speed (Carbon, underground and most wanted), Juiced 2, Grand theft Auto (not really a racing game) and Grand Turismo and we seems to like Grand Turismo the most. Grand Turismo has got the most realistic gameplay ever with lotsa envoriment to choose from ... graphics also dem chun!

Lil Devil concentrating

The only thing thats not really adequate now is ... our TV ... we playing on a 21" TV oni .... we is saving $ to buy a 32 or 48" LCD TV bundled with kick ass made in Chunkok mia ciplak surround sound system phuhhh!!! The sound will come out like the REAL AhBeng Wiralution lidat!!!

So .. in order for us to get that kinda $ .... i hereby open AhBeng Racing Training Skool for Little Devils! Who got Little Devils and mau to make him Propesionel AhBeng street racer kam enroll with me!! Weekend class oni! Apart from driving we also teach AhBeng Lifestyle, AhBeng Pesyen and AhBeng Style cursing (Elementary lvl oni).

Free pickup and send bek by Propessionel AhBeng Driver in Wiralution! (Jiulai area oni) Got refreshment provided also ... if want meal kena additional charge liow la ... (got Wantan Meen and Siew Yoke AhBeng McNona Happy meal - got Free Ahbeng figure collectable toy also wan!)

One Month fees is RM1,888 (ONG ah!) New Ahbeng registration and admin fees is RM888! Cheap leh?! Brader mah! so cincai kira oni la! LOL

Kam kam! who wan register?! Got limited number of seats oni! Fai-tits la!!


  1. Aiyo cipet like that how to challenge you already?

    Come lah lets play stock on Midfield :p

    Or, I don't mind Fuji also

  2. Anonymous12:13 pm

    You damn keng lar... I also want to train my daugther this way!! kakakakaka

  3. Wah proud of him wei!!! If you wanna get a kick ass HD TV to play with, suggest the Phillips 32 inch. HD ready summore know>...Under $2000 only. (Bought it during that home appliance fair event at KLCC this year).

    Yeah, GT4 is good enough for ya little devil to play. I'm sure he got all of the lisense gold.

  4. teach lil'devil play
    Doa (Dead or Alive)

    CS (Counter Strike)

    I think DoA better lor....
    they dam sexy.......
    can make your kkc cramp....


    wa ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

  5. Anonymous7:08 pm

    wah, can beat alex yoong or not wan?

  6. Bloody hell.. Your so-called monthly & registration/admin fees look more like skim cepat kaya.. =.=


  7. Grand Turismo is da bomb for racing game. Buy PS3 and play GT5, you'll never want to play GT4 again.

  8. Try Get the ninento Wii lo .. sure can make both of you sweat it all out hahahahaha


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