28 December 2008

I Love Clouds

I love clouds and I hope you do too .... If not then you PYT la! LOL!

According to a an Ahlian Air stewardess I know ... ppl like me are called clouds fetish ... i thot fetish is oni related to SM oni? no?

Its sunday la! no nid ask so much wan ... just sit back n relax ok? who want go yumchar can call me la! I dem free tomolo!

In the meantime enjoy these clouds piktures i took few weeks ago la ....

The force of nature is undeniably the most powderful in the world!!! can create pweety pwetty things like clouds wan!


  1. Another view from top? LOL

  2. Damn mm ngam lorh.

    Beginning ask people go PYT; then after that say clouds are pretty.

  3. Where you were flying to?

  4. next time tell the pilot to stop the plane lor...

    waka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka


  5. I love clouds too. I think I had an entry on clouds oso.

    So pretty kan the clouds? Especially when you're high up in the sky...flying through them...like soft soft fluffy fluffy like that wan...:P

  6. ni hao ma!

    itu photo aaa bery bery cun ma..


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