13 December 2008

Of Singapore and Xmas

Received alotsa MSN messages asking me why i so long no blog .... i no blog is becoz ayam go Singkapoh .... but thats not the sole reason also ... the reason is the knnmchccb hotel i stayed ... got paria internet connection!!! And they sommo dare to charge 9 me S$20.00 for a day! U say landiu anot?!!!

More about that later ... will disclose to u all Ahbengs whcih hotel is that so u all can avoid staying there in u happen to go Singkapoh anytime in the future.

Had coffee with Ahbeng Hongkiat & Ahlian Cely at Plaza Singapore

Plaza Singapura at the end of Orchard Rd.

One of the many Magnificent Xmas tree on display in the entire orchard road.

Combination of a star and a moon

The Atrium @ Orchard

Singapore Visitors Centre
Hotal Rendezvouz ... feels like batman hotel anot?

ok la gua mau cau ledi ... mau go kaikai liow ... later post more piktures ok? I go find sommo free WIFI hotspot 1st!


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Manyak sedap jalan2 ke Singkahpor bro. I missed it. This end of year, I should be there for some shopping and jalan2 also. :)

  2. aiyah go singehpor wat for?

    go to penang la.....
    laghi best........

  3. $20 per day cheap lor, in Dubai hotels normally charge RM30 per hour la! Use whole day can go bankrupt lor


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