17 December 2008

Bank of America to Release New 50 cents Notes

Our sepai from Amadika got wind in the market that Bank of Amadika will release new bank notes with the value of 50 cents (USD) into the market to commemorates the first time they got a non-white presidern!

So we sent our sepai to go dig for more infos la! after 3 days n 3 nites they play sepai and camp outside the Amadika bank ... they finally found a mis-printed new notes in the labish bin.

You will be among the 1st few millions ppl to see this notes before its being circulated in Amadika Market and world wide.

Ahbengs & Ahlians, I present to you .... Amadika latest 50 cents notes!!!

I wondering if all those Africans countries with their African Kings/ Politicians got "FACE" pobem lidis anot ar? LOL!

Tenkiu to uncle cocka for the image!

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