5 December 2008

Venezia Italian Restoren LENG AH!!!

Ok ok still got time to blog!!!

If you made your Gf tulanED bcoz u too busy playing PS2/Ps3 the whole week and now weekend ledi ... n u suddenly feel very lonely/horny and need a gf ... and derno what to do to make her happy and serbis u kaw kaw this weekend ?

Or your hubby tulan u spent so much of his $ shopping and no fark u for a week ledi and u think what can u do to bodek your hubby again?

Or u simply wanna find a place to eat very LENG italian food?

Or u Ahbeng wanna pretend u high crass ledi by telling ppl u alredi eat italian food (erm .. wait! Thats me!! LOL!)

I introduce to you

Venezia Italian Restaurant Taman Segar, Cheras

This place me n my bini wanna go long long ledi but never be able to spot an empty carpark all these while .... this week derno why so lucky! got 3 empty space!

So we fast fast park our car and go to this restaurant la... we been hearing alot about this place from our fwens before ... so gerenti no mistake kambing here!

Once a culinary sifu told me ... u wanna see if a particular chef is good anot ... dun try the complex complex food ... go for the simplest food ... if its good then u can almost gerenti the rest is also as good. Thats what i normally do la ... sommo plus the fact that simple food is cheapest one ma! LOL! MCH econ is bad ok? recession is here ok? kena save up can?!

Lala angmoh fry mee LOL! ok la ok la the high crass name for this dish is Spaghetti Ala Vongole la ... not lala flied mee la lol

this is regular spaghetti bolognise ... looks normal but taste is suprisingly good. Ahbeng would call this kolo beef noodle with tomato sos lol!

My little devil call this Bow Tie mee! I actually did not look at what he ordered also ... so i kenot give u the high crass name la! lol if u wanna order this spaghetti .. then u tell the waiter ... smoked salmon bow tie mee la! lol

My expresso ... but it came pretty late ... i also derno why they call it express also ... i thot express is very fast wan?! LOL

This is my tea ... i know what u thinking! the slow expresso so small cup ma! where got enuff?! lol

got afew fler asked me ... eh this pikture u photoshop the light put inside one izzit? knn want look down on me lidat meh?! this one ori pikture wokeh?! no edit wan! oni resized jek!

Nah this one i zoom in kaw kaw using maro mode and manual focus one! with Kit lense oni ok? u got see the power of Sony Alpha 200 anot?!!! GOT ANOT???!! lol

but i think its not the camera la .. its the fler taking the pikture la! LOL! Diu! lemme kembang awhile can?!


  1. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I can see someone using his A200 very well. nice pics by the way. awaiting to see more chicks le!


  2. Anonymous7:38 pm

    How come the shop using Segafredo mia cup for the expresso wan?


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