31 October 2008

Let it be, Let it be ....

Latel KL like got one big ass piece of gloomy cloud on top lidat .... u go anywhere also see ppl face dark dark one ... go eat econ lice also see ppl's face dark dark no luff one .... left dark dark ... right dark dark .... sigh ... sooner or later i also kena influence and myself also dark dark face ledi ....

I think we all in Mareysia need most now is motivation n inspiration ..... think on the bright side lor ....

Other than that you can watch this video to uplift your spirit and gibe lu inspirations It did to me ...

Anoder very powderfool inspirational video sent to me by brader Zewt.

Have a peaceful weekend!

Why you kenot trust the name of a ploduck

I was reading this post in brader Zewt's blog just now then suddenly i remembered something i read few weeks ago which is kinda hillarious.

Yea, if u dint know yet ... this is about those melamine tainted biskut that will slowly kill you if you keep walloping them. So to keep us from committing suicide by stuffing ourselves with melamine our niuspepah published a list of products briff to be unsafe for walloping. In this pikture published by The Star .... got mention a few types of biskut by Khong Guan which fail the test wan ....

If you look at item no.6 in the upper half pikture .... u can see an item by the name of

Biskut HEALTHY cracker SIAL!!! HEALTHY!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!! Eat healthy sommo la! Die ledi also derno for what! LOL! Eat Siew Yoke Better la! Die also worth it! KAKAKAKA!

Lets say lar .. u r those type the briff what u read on products labels .... u sure think this biskut wallop ledi dem healthy one rite? then u wallop more bcoz u wanna be Healthier ma!

This is why u kenot trust the name of a ploduck lor! Dun say i neber teach u ok?!

Whether directly or indirectly ... looks like China is gonna be the biggest killer of all time! One of these days they will wipe out a big part of the world .... if the world still havent wakeup yet by now. Its not the 1st time ledi .... They will keep doing this to make more $ wan!

If you has been following China's industries growth ... you will learn that china businessman no heart one ... becoz of money they can poison the whole village and wont feel a thing!

Come to think of it ... whos the biggest terrorist now huh? lol!

27 October 2008

Ahbeng in Construction Supplies

applied for a job at the construction site and was accepted.

The 1st day he work, his boss Mr. Sami-Where-lu tell to him lidis :

Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Ahbeng, its 11am now, this is ur 1st day ar, i want u in charge of the supplies for the construction site.
Ahbeng : No pobem boss! I will kautim your supplies for lu ... U very smart boss choose me to handle supplies.
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Huh? why smart to choose you to handle supplies thambi?
Ahbeng : My fwens all call me King of supplies .... so i gerenti you ... you will have the best supplies ever!
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : hmm sure anot? later we will see .... I kambek at 2pm to check on lu ok?
Ahbeng : Wokeh!

So its 2pm, Mr. Sami-Where-lu kambek to the site, but didn't see Ahbeng anywhere. So he go ask his sexytary Ms. Kumari .

Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Minachi! Ahbeng Yenna? I asked him to handle my supplies tot he construction site but everyone complaining they did not get their supplies!
Ms. Kumari : Boss just now u come .... i saw him fast fast run behind the concrete mixer there ....
Mr. Sami-Where-lu : Sutali!!! I will ask my banglas to feed him cement concrete capati when i catch him!

Mr. Sami-Where-lu walks furiously to the concrete mixer machine trying to see where Ahbeng is hiding .... he walks around the concrete mixer but Ahbeng is no where to be seen .... as Mr. Sami-Where-lu was about to give up searching for Ahbeng, he suddenly jump out from behind the concrete mixer scaring the shit outta Mr. Sami-Where-lu and Scream loud loud :


The next day .... some workers found Ahbeng all tied up in the concrete mixer ....

21 October 2008

Hillarious Local News Summary

Few days ago i got this inkambing link from anoder blog, I think that fler sesat ledi la ... he goan link this blog as a political blog! How can?! this is a funny shite Rojaks blog ok? we dun play poilitic wan! this is a blog of a commoner who knows nothing bout the politic. All i can see is the funny news in the newspaper and then point it out here only.

kam kam i show u ....

Last week i met one Ahbeng at kopitiam ... he told me lidis :

Ahbeng : Oi i heard that Lancau panjang there got fight.
Me : What lancau panjang? lancau panjang is where? Who fight who?
Ahbeng : Lancau panjang u derno ar? umno ppl fight with umno ppl there wor! newspaper also got show ... nah u see la!
Polis terpaksa kawal mesyuarat Umno Rantau Panjang
Oct 17, 08 4:29pm
Unit Tindakan Ringan Anti-Rusuhan terpaksa dikejarkan untuk mententeramkan keadaan di mesyuarat perwakilan Pergerakan Pemuda Umno bahagian Rantau Panjang pag tadi.

Me : DIU!!! its not Lancau panjang la!!! its Rantau Panjang!
Ahbeng : Yala i said Lancau panjang la!
Me : NO! u said Lancau Panjang!
Ahbeng : Diu! me Ahbeng mah! what you expect?

*later oni update ... boss calling for meeting lol

16 October 2008

This is Why Amadika is so FarkeED Now!

Now the whole world also know Amadika is so farkED ledi ... mehnee mehnee their bank benkruptED and economy also slowdown .... dem jialat!!! but wh lidat one? ... Today i m gonna tell you why la!

After months of research i kam to understand that they plektising this new theory created by evil, lazy businessmen .... this is how ... (might require abit blen power ... so if your blen not very powderful then skip this ok? dun hurt your blen .... lol!)

"Salary Theorem" states that "Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much as Business Executives and Sales People."

This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation based on the following two postulates:

1. Knowledge is Power.
2. Time is Money.

As every engineer knows:
Power = Work / Time

Knowledge = Power
Time = Money

It follows that:
Knowledge = Work/Money.

Solving for Money, we get:
Money = Work / Knowledge.

Thus, as Knowledge approaches zero, Money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.

Conclusion: The less you know,the more you make.

OK now we know why Amadikans is farkED .... and we still issuing APs so they can continue to use this theory to feed those baskets!!! ARGHHH!!!

Jokes from Local Newspaper

Diu ... i thot no more ppl read this blog then i can closeshop ledi! mana tau still got ppl read! niahma! u mia pasal i blog sommo la! but not so daily ledi ... almost 4 years of blogging ledi .. should slow down jor lol!

Anoder round of funny news in the local niuspepah ....

I will oni highlight the funny part ok? if u want to read full news click the link below the article :

The Prime Minister said although the Government had reduced petrol and diesel prices three times in the last few months, the unfortunate thing was that this had not brought down goods prices.

“This is not good. The prices of goods should come down accordingly,” he said.

KAKAKAKAKAKAA!!! Niahma!!! peeple erly erly alredi tell u dun naik dun naik!!! Naik ledi kenot turun one! u die die also no briff!!! now u komplen wat la? if komplen also we komplen la!

“The prices of goods went up when times were bad (and international oil prices were high). But now that oil prices have been coming down, shopkeepers should be more responsible and reduce prices,”

Abdullah slammed consumer groups for leaving it entirely to the Government to bring down the prices of goods.

OUMAIKOTTT LA!!!! kecik kecik that time our parents always tell us dun screw up .... if u screwED up jor ... sindiri kasi kautim balik .... now got peeple screw uppED ledi but expecting someone else to kautim for him one! KAKAKAKAKA!!! now u know why so many ppl wanna sit his place la? I think the correct title for this position should be call "Screw-er"

At a press conference later, the Prime Minister was asked about Wanita Gerakan chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe’s controversial comments recently that the Malays, too, were immigrants to the country just like the Chinese and Indians.

Abdullah said the Deputy Information Minister should have the opportunity to explain herself and what she meant by her comment.

Huh? No meh? kakakaka who u wanna bruff?!! We all know ledi la! Unless u change the definition la ... bcoz mamak is definitely not "u-know-what-race" ... some mamak who came from india much later than my ancestors but alredi got "u-know what" status! WTF? they still sending $ back to india! I dont even have anymore relative in China! Diu! but i dont think they know that we are aware of what they are trying to do rite? kakakakaka! we not stupid wan can?!


8 October 2008

Ahlian ask Ahbeng to buy pad for her

Between not having any parents at all and parents who never have any time for you .... which one you prefer? So yea i been busy (like this is new huh?) and i understand that u all long time to cum ledi bcoz no reading rojaks ... some of u even turned fuglier since my last blog post (KAKAKAKA!!!) but like what my fwen dale said .... we all got our own priorities in life so we make adjustments and sacrifices so that we could get our priorities sorted out and thats why i been blogging alot lesser nowadays, apart of it actually .... the second part is actually lacking motivation to blog ... its like i m toking to wall lidat ... no response one .... oni this blog is lidis ... other blog who had lesser readers have alot more comments than i do .... i always wonders if there is anyone reading at all? lol

Anyway ... i dunno wtf is wrong with me or izzit just my luck, I knew that girls/ladies/aunties loves to tell me about their period/pms/taiyeemah problems but last time got this young Ahbeng (who dem sked of his gf one) also come seek my advice on her gf's period related problem!

The conversation is something lidis one ....

Ahbeng : eh tailo ... wanna ask u something can?
Me : mch ... if i say can does that consider as i answered your question ledi?
Ahbeng : Want lidis meh? i need help leh
Me : ask la ask laaa
Ahbeng : its lidis one .... my gf ask me buy pad for her .... but i derno where to find the brand she want ... 7-11 dun habe ler ... how?
Me : Why want to choose brand one? simply buy those branded one can ledi la!
Ahbeng : She said she wanna sapot her kolej wor .... so die die must buy that brand
Me : Har? her kolej got sell pads one?
Ahbeng : Thats what she said la ....
Me : MCH! your Ahlian gf which kolej one?
Ahbeng : Inti lor ....
Me : Inti??!!! inti got make pad one?!!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?
Ahbeng : I think got guah ....
Me : What the brand of the pad?
Ahbeng : I forgot the name ledi ... but i got take pikture with my phonecam .... lemme show u the brand ...

INTI-Mate .... specially made for inti kolej's girls LMAO!!

So if u is female and u study in Inti .... u should know what kinda pad u should be using la!

MCH ... in this era ... still got ppl lidis! No wonder Mareysia so maju la!