8 October 2008

Ahlian ask Ahbeng to buy pad for her

Between not having any parents at all and parents who never have any time for you .... which one you prefer? So yea i been busy (like this is new huh?) and i understand that u all long time to cum ledi bcoz no reading rojaks ... some of u even turned fuglier since my last blog post (KAKAKAKA!!!) but like what my fwen dale said .... we all got our own priorities in life so we make adjustments and sacrifices so that we could get our priorities sorted out and thats why i been blogging alot lesser nowadays, apart of it actually .... the second part is actually lacking motivation to blog ... its like i m toking to wall lidat ... no response one .... oni this blog is lidis ... other blog who had lesser readers have alot more comments than i do .... i always wonders if there is anyone reading at all? lol

Anyway ... i dunno wtf is wrong with me or izzit just my luck, I knew that girls/ladies/aunties loves to tell me about their period/pms/taiyeemah problems but last time got this young Ahbeng (who dem sked of his gf one) also come seek my advice on her gf's period related problem!

The conversation is something lidis one ....

Ahbeng : eh tailo ... wanna ask u something can?
Me : mch ... if i say can does that consider as i answered your question ledi?
Ahbeng : Want lidis meh? i need help leh
Me : ask la ask laaa
Ahbeng : its lidis one .... my gf ask me buy pad for her .... but i derno where to find the brand she want ... 7-11 dun habe ler ... how?
Me : Why want to choose brand one? simply buy those branded one can ledi la!
Ahbeng : She said she wanna sapot her kolej wor .... so die die must buy that brand
Me : Har? her kolej got sell pads one?
Ahbeng : Thats what she said la ....
Me : MCH! your Ahlian gf which kolej one?
Ahbeng : Inti lor ....
Me : Inti??!!! inti got make pad one?!!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?
Ahbeng : I think got guah ....
Me : What the brand of the pad?
Ahbeng : I forgot the name ledi ... but i got take pikture with my phonecam .... lemme show u the brand ...

INTI-Mate .... specially made for inti kolej's girls LMAO!!

So if u is female and u study in Inti .... u should know what kinda pad u should be using la!

MCH ... in this era ... still got ppl lidis! No wonder Mareysia so maju la!


  1. I'm one of the readers... Everyday I long for your posts, though nowadays your posts got lessen and lessen. Ha... I understand your situation. Keep it up. :)

  2. lol.. it's the first time i see your blog.. i happen to find your blog through google XD well.. your blog is not bad,lol.. but then nowadays alot of people are lazy to post comments.. unless you're leng lui or something,that's especially in malaysia.. i know,this's sad,LOL.. what to do..this's malaysia! haha..

  3. uncle wingzz!!post more lerrr..post more lerrr...hahaha!!

  4. Anonymous2:49 pm

    who said nobloody read ur block wor? u c, i try to wrike like u also le

  5. =.= a bit cold this joke.

  6. Anonymous3:28 pm

    I everyweek also check your blog leh. So sad when got nothing new to read. In fact since I found your blog, I read the whole blog since the beginning.

  7. Anonymous3:38 pm

    plzplz post more :) i miss all your jokes...

  8. xD

    nice wan bladad.

    eh got ppl read la.dun liddis.oli dun comment i thnk.if no lojak how la?HOW??


  9. hey man..keep it up lahs!
    your post used to make my/our day.
    now so less d wor.
    got ppl read wan dun wry..

  10. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Lmao...keep writing. got a lots of ppl read one.

  11. Anonymous5:15 pm

    wingz, keep blogging. we all miss your jokes. :)

  12. Anonymous5:25 pm

    uncle wing wing.....I used to play kuwakchai last time.....you helped me last time by giving me a house eventhough its a illegal rumah setinggan, I appreciated it uncle wing wing....

    so this is how im gonna repay you I'm gonna post a comment in every new post of yours......:D

    uncle wing wing......Please do update more as I find theres only 2 blogs I visit to which is yours and mr kenny sia's.......chedet oso sumtimes if im feeling political......:D.....I love your blog....

    uncle wing wing........can u recommend any other blog websites that are as farney or interesting as u????

    uncle wing wing......this is just a suggestion as I think u should put up a chat space in your blog then u can interact wid ur readers lo :D and more comments gua

  13. You know, me and hubby always look forward for your post. Niamah, luckily, I don't go to Inti college. Ah boh, siasui si lor..........

  14. Anonymous6:58 pm

    yeah sad tht your post got lesser and lesser. i got vote for the kopitiam one.. i vote for.... post less. hahahha!

    but this post damn funny la! hahahahahahaha!

  15. ur long time reader is here, who said got no reader? XD

    Rojaks daily always rocks!!!

  16. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Knn..kesi kesi gip excuses!!

    just post lar!!

  17. yeaa new post!!

    its been a long time.

    still very lame and swt jokes!

    keep em coming!! =)

  18. your wif ask you to buy pad kar?

  19. Anonymous4:01 am

    Keep writing, still got people read one...

  20. Aiyo Wingz.. Don't be sad lah.. Me need you blogging keep.. LoLz. You inspired me to blog & now you're writing less? How could you.. T.T Nah jz kidding.. I'm sure many of us misses the kind of jokes on your good ol' posts, we're just waiting for it to come!!


  21. Anonymous1:32 am

    i read ur post since one years ago but rarely make any comment here ...

  22. Anonymous2:42 pm

    i also got read la boss.. kinda sad lor nowadays you dont post so much. post more ok? u got alot of fans out there one...they just dont comment only=)

  23. don't emo la... i got read everyday one...

  24. Anonymous12:43 pm

    i read your blog.

  25. Anonymous3:26 pm

    I check your blog once every two three days lately to hope there's a new post but that's okay, sometimes i get so busy and unmotivated too so i understand your short hiatus =) Your blog damn nice to read leh, especially bao jin dup, THE BEST!

  26. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Eh sry to double comment but i left sth out abt this post LOL, wanted to say, im from sunway college leh, what brand ah? HAHAHAHAHA

  27. Anonymous8:43 pm



  28. Anonymous11:15 am

    You cakap punya!
    1] You dont even have balls to leave a name OR if your name is Anonymous.

    Please do your keyboard a favor and dont leave any comments ok?

    So i din leave comment lor.

  29. wah this is 1st time in this year that your post hits more that 25 condamn in this post.

  30. Anonymous12:29 am

    Wahlau... wan liddet meh? Bit bit emo liao....

    Whoever kondemn tis post sure 'Inti Made' student.... lolx...

  31. i lup ur blog leh very ah beng hahahah, inti made isit :P

  32. Wah!!
    more than 30 condanm oledi

  33. whahahahaha damn funny. if ur fren and gf travel to other country, cant support INTI-mate liao lorh. ahhahaha. LMAO! keep up the good work!

  34. Anonymous1:57 pm

    hahahah dammm funny

  35. Anonymous7:59 pm

    ey, man, I long long din bisit your blok oledi, so now I come back and read some mor. Okay ley, still belly fahnee ley. ey old cock, you got many leaders one, so don givup. I like this rojak lingo, velly kool one. Niamah, I tok like u oledi, see? it all your fort, fart, faulk, aaarrggg WTF!!!!!!!!

  36. Anonymous8:37 pm

    velly farny blok, I like velly march. The rojak lingo is I like too. donch givup!


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